Rumors of our demise are greatly exagerated.

Folks, if you are hearing that Kitty DPS stinks at that we are bottom of the barrel you need to correct people. Have them check out some WOL parses and let them know that Simulators are not indicative of what is happening in actual raids and that is not the end all be all of what is going on with WOW DPS balance.

Looking at the parses from my own raids and guild, including groups with Hunters, DPS DK’s, Mages, Rogues… (all in the preferred specs) I consistently fall above, even, or just slightly below the top DPS.

Now, if you are finding this is not the case there are things you can do…

  1. Get Unheeded Warning. it is our new BiS and you should be able to buy it of the AH for 10Kish gold.
  2. Buy Epic Gear. We have a lot of BoE Epics we can get… Helm, Chest, Boots, Cloak, Neck, Belt, Ring, Trinket (see #1).
  3. Grind Rep. We have a some slots we can get Epics from rep. Wildhammer gloves and Earthen Ring, Ring come to mind.
  4. Grind 5 mans for VP and T11 gear.
  5. Stay on bosses and adds as much as possible. If I have learned nothing else it is that we lose a lot of DPS from moving away or between targets. Use Feral Charge, Dash, and even Barkskin and SI to stay in melee range with your target. I recommend key binding Feral Charge it’s so important for DPS.
  6. Get an Addon to track your DoTs and Abilities. I personally still use Fbn even though it’s broke. It really does not matter that it is broken because I just use it to know when Rip, Rake, and SR need refreshing and when Berserk and TF is off CD. It doesn’t know for example that I should be refreshing Rip with FB under 25%… but I do, so it works fine for what I need. (Disclaimer, it is broke other ways so only use it as a timer, not a true move suggestion)
  7. If you happen to be an herbalist create a Lifeblood/Tiger’s Fury macro… or use Lifeblood during a berserk moment.
  8. Save Berserk and other DPS increase CD’s like on use trinkets when the provide the biggest bang. Like when the head is down on Magmaw for example.
  9. Balance your gear so that your rotation feels natural and smooth. This comes with experience and playing with gear and stats. Although expertise and hit can be ignored for other more important stats you might want to add some back if you feel your rotation is getting wonky due to misses and what not.
  10. Make sure you understand fights so you can strategically do what you need to do. If that means explaining to your raid up front that you will be staying on the boss when they are expecting you to move, let them know your plans and how you will come with whatever mechanic that would require you to move out. For example on Maloriak when he goes to the blue vial if you are running DBM you will see a cool down timer for Flash Freeze
    and you can safely continue DPSing the boss until you have to get out of range of the tank and it hits someone else. (P.S. I sometime use a Feral Charge here to break out a fellow raider quickly). Analyzing other fights will help you find other opportunities like this.
  11. Lastly, get and Addon like DBM which times fight events… for reasons like the last point.

I am by no means an awesome Kitty druid. But by doing things like the above I can definitely hold my own in my guild. If you find you can’t do well enough for a raid spot in your guild… well, you either need to improve or you need to find another guild less hard core.

7 Responses to Rumors of our demise are greatly exagerated.

  • wow says:

    What is extremely funny here is that you tell people to check out some WoL parses, yet it’s quite obvious that you haven’t done that. Check out the top parses on every boss…next to no ferals. I also find it humorous that you dismiss, yet it uses WoL parses for all data. Ironically, the exact same parses you are telling us to view. “This site lists the DPS for each class as compiled from the top parses from World of Logs.” So one has to wonder, which parses are YOU looking at. Obviously your own and not much else.

    “well, you either need to improve or you need to find another guild less hard core”

    No, it’s quite obvious that your guildmates simply suck at their classes. How you fail to see this, despite the piles of data to the contrary, is simply amazing.

  • dfv says:

    Wow, commenters love to hate don’t they! I liked your post – it was positive and such a balm from all the PvP roots / beserk QQ thats been going on lately. Ferals are still ok – perhaps not as OP as we once were, but still decent. A lot of people migrated to feral in WotLK when we were top of the tree, and they’re upset it’s no longer the case – they can go back to their warlocks again now 🙂

  • Rahl says:


    Good to see some positive writing about kitties.
    I know that in the past week 2 big ferals have announced that they are leaving b ut for the rest of us its good to hear something that’s not just doom & gloom.

    Ok at the top end we may not be the greatest, our John madden has gone, and we have been nerfed to balance PvP but we can still contribute and be part of a team that is taking down bosses. As long as the bosses die and we make a valid contribution then i say that all is well!

    PS :
    Don’t get me wrong though i still think the loss of John Madden and the nerfs are bad and unwarranted but we need to soldier on!

  • Jacemora says:


    Look at WOL parse for Nef 10 man normal… Trucifix from EU-Sargeras comes in at 20th with 21388DPS slightly behind those above sans a priest in first with 25734DPS. I dunno, without digging more that is enough to tell me we are not in the shitter. Also keep in mind, not everyone posts parses to WoL so you don’t actually see the whole picture.

    My 10 man guild was good enough to clear all content in Wrath and the first to down LK on my server (Yes, Heroics too with the exception of Heroic LK due to IRL stuff and halting raiding). Back then I was doing competitive DPS with my melee counterparts and I continue to stay up in the meters with those same guys (the same rogue especially) so thinking I play with people that suck is incorrect, at least as it pertains to the ability to defeat bosses and progress in raids which I believe is the whole point of the game.

    Now if the whole point is to QQ over DPS you don’t need for anything else but to Epeen… then yeah, maybe we need fixing… but I think we are fine at the moment (although we have become easier to play, but I challenge people to use our easier rotation to find other things to do in raid like interrupt, etc) and can be a productive part of any progression raiding for the exception of hard core guilds that value numbers and nothing else (which is a mistake in itself and thus a recommendation to possibly find a guild where fun and companionship ranks a little higher where progression still occurs which I am lucky to be a part of).

  • Goodmongo says:

    How about instead of bending over and greasing up we don’t take it and keep the pressure on blizz to fix our spec. See blogs nad posts like this just let blizz keep doing what they’re doing. I would much rather complain and demand a fix then take it where the sun don’t shine.

  • Thio says: uses the info from WoL.

    Jace my sympathies go to you that some of your readers are such dicks. I see a lot of negativity towards you on a lot of these posts. Hopefully the intelligent, kind-hearted players are numerous enough to drown out the people ruining it.
    I have a friend that 2/3 weeks ago was posting top 10 parses as feral on various fights.

    Bottom line is that you can’t bring all Fire mages or Boomkin or w/e FotM that people fap to on WoL this patch, bring your friends, have fun, kill bosses.

  • Jacemora says:

    Exactly. Too many people make this game a race and although I like competition as long as people can clear the content when it is still relevant, play with friends, and enjoy the game why does it matter if you are 5% lower in DPS than other classes? I have been a feral Druid since the start of BC and I know what broken kitty is all about and I just don’t feel all that broken atm. Now there are fights that definitely favor range over melee but that is another argument and one as feral we can address by a change in spec and gear which other melee don’t have the luxury to do.

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