So it’s been a while… a fast update.

I have been swamped with work so my posts have been non existent lately. Thought I would get people caught up a little on our ICC progress…

This week we got another 10 man server first…

We downed the Professor on our 3rd try.

Some of the things holding us back on our first 10 attempts (Although in that first week we did get him to 4% one attempt) was the fact that slime kept growing during the stun which it should not have been doing apparently. We found the big key to this fight is you must start on the green side and then transition to the orange after he puts the first slime pools down. This way the person in the Abom is eating slime right where the ooze will spawn. This gives the best chance at not only debuffing the ooze but slowing it as well.

Gratz go out to our 25 man, tonight we downed Festergut (no Distant Land unfortunately) on our 2nd attempt. We are getting real close on Rotface but ran out of time… hopefully Sunday.

My DKP continues to build as I wait for both a new weapon and/or Deathbringer’s Will (which fell but went for over 50% of my DKP). I really need to take the time to figure out what is really important to get in 25’s to balance what falls in 10’s… unfortunately time is a rare thing for me atm.

I hope to post another DPS guide for kitties in ICC for the new wing soon… maybe Friday night.

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