Summer Blues

Just a short update.

Aetherial Circle has once again gone on a raiding hiatus until the next expansion.

My plan is to join another guild with the majority of my 10’s mates to get in at least some 25 man raiding until Cata and then go from there.

Our 10 man group have all decided to stay committed to one another and down the Lich King on Heroic in 10 and knock out whatever easy sauce Ruby Sanctum content they decide to give us.

I still owe everyone a good overview of 10 man Heroic modes tips and hope to get those together soon.

If/when I get into the Cataclysm beta I will be spending some time playing and reviewing so stay tuned.

I finally got over 9000 achievement points having fun in Naxx 10/Maly 10

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