Swipe is awesome but…

Am I the only feral that can’t swipe Cho’gall oozes? When I get up to them and swipe I only ever hit 1. I honestly don’t think this is a distance issue either… I swear it is a bug. Is there a kitty that has had success hitting more than one ever? I could have sworn last week I made sure to really get up in them to test my theory and I still only hit the one I was targeting.

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  • darksend says:

    normal or heroic (I only ask because I am not sure if the room geometry is different on normal or if the breakable floor is still an issue) but if you are trying to kill them in the middle of the room, that could be the reason. That whole symbol in the middle of the room is an “elevator” and causes series issues with aoe, has since day 1, and the hotfixes they put in after 4.1 did not really help. I still cannot shred if he is tanked right on the edge of it even if I am clearly behind him I get a “must be behind target” error message.

  • Jacemora says:

    Normal mode. And not in the middle either, this is in the area at the bottom of the stairs.

  • Qbear says:

    If you can afford not to I’d suggest leaving those things alone!!! They have a threat table and with the threat generation swipe can produce they’re most likely going to be mad at you. When the oozes melee a target it generates a large amount of corrupted blood on the target. Don’t get me wrong if the range can’t handle them eat em up, but I like to save swipe as a last resort on them.

  • Jacemora says:

    Honestly, I have already changed back to Boom for the fight. I just thought it was strange the one or two times I have done the fight recently as feral that I was unable to effectively swipe them.

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