Tanking Hodir in 10 man.

Lot’s of fun. Here are some notes…

  1. I wear FR Polar Chest, Belt, Boots and the FR ring.
  2. I map my 4th mouse button I usually use to target nearest enemy as my jump button. Once I get Hodir where I want him I jump in place.
  3. Where you want Hodir will change constantly but if you are lucky you can sometimes jump in place for a while.
  4. You want to tank Hodir close to the moonlight the Boomkin NPC puts out. I worried more about my melee classes being in the light behind them than myself using the light.
  5. You want to tank Hodir near Ice Tombed NPC or players… this way your glyphed maul and swipes will help break them out.
  6. I burned Berserk right out of the gate and whenever it was up. No DPS got over half of the threat I had generated over the course of the fight. I attribute some of this to my 4th mouse button jump in place strategy.
  7. Stay out of runes on the floor, as soon snow appears on the big ones get on.
  8. Fires will block your movement getting on the snowdrift mentioned above… make sure your raid knows this ahead of time. We wiped at 2% before we killed him from this happening to a healer.
  9. Have your whole raid wear FR gear at least for the first kill or learning the fight. We were right up on the enrage when we downed him so I am thinking next time people go with less FR.

Well, that’s about all I can think of for the moment. I was lucky and got my first peice of T8… pants. This worked out great since I am using T7.5 for DPS and T7 for tanking. Now I will use T8 for tanking until I get a 2nd peice when T7.5 will see tanking duty and T8 will become DPS gear.

Another thing to note… Signet of Winter also was in the cache. Notice it is BoE not BoP. Although this ring is listed as BiS after The Leviathan’s Coil I felt it was better for it to go to the guild bank and give our DK first dibs on it… of course the fact that he happens to be the guild GM has nothing to do with it… jk, I always try to do what is best for the guild and progression and with me DPSing so much in 25 passing on this really made the most sense.

2 Responses to Tanking Hodir in 10 man.

  • ARA says:

    Good for you and nice loot conscience! I tend to nab all the tank stuff myself asap – got this ring, levs coil, and a heart of iron now, wootage! Mainly because i’m last in line for t8.5 gear so I dont feel too bad. We have this bizarre dkp system for tier, where the order is more or less decided on the first drop of a class groups piece: its then just a matter of how many weeks go around till everyone gets their pieces. at least its a fixed dkp amount; we dont have to bid horrendous numbers to get something.

    We’re shooting for a YS kill tonight in 10man – gonna blast through as quick as we can, skipping optional bosses.

  • Jacemora says:

    Good Luck, let us know how it goes!

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