Tanking Ignis, what worked for me.

This week I got to tank Ignis in 25 man after previously tanking him in 10 man. Now in 10 man all I do is stand in water and tank him so that scorches go out immediately and the rest of the raid burns him down while an Off Tank holds the adds. Sometimes I hold the adds and our DK MT plays with Ignis in the water. Having slightly over 50% Dodge in my mitigation set can help when holding 6 adds.

When Tanking Ignis in 25 we employed the strategy seen HERE.

The key to tanking in this strategy is running around previous scorches if they still exist. I normally start the fight on the right side first having Ignis drop the first scorch there, then taking him to center, then to the left side. This means that when I next return back to center there is still a scorch there so I run past the center around the scorch on the front side nearest the raid and tank him back on the right side where I started since the scorch has left that area. My next to moves to the center and left will be scorch free. So you see every 4th time I move I have to run around a scorch. I usually pop Barkskin right before the 4th move as I tend to take more damage on this one. I also toss in a growl while running from each location and I am always ready to pop a cool down ability if needed.

With all this movement I can’t tell you enough how important it is to pop Berserk on the pull right before Ignis gets to you to front load threat. Wearing a bunch of stamina gear is par for the course tanking this guy and you are going to need all the threat you can get. Make sure as soon as it is back up you use it again as some of our top DPSers could get close to my threat if I wasn’t going all out all the time.

We have found this method to be a little easier on everyone since it tends to be a little more of a stationary fight.

As usual the only way even this strategy is effective is if your adds teams are doing thier job and getting the adds molten, brittle, and destroyed fast enough. With the scorches lined up right in front of the raid this also seems to go easier.

Good luck my fellow bears!

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  • ARA says:

    Oh thats interesting, I always moved between one of four corners of a square strategy a la tankspot, I believe, but maybe this would be simpler for everyone else. Still, I love the idea of burning the boss in 10man and ignoring the adds. You know, I wonder if we couldnt do that in 25 man too? Druids will survive just fine I’m sure, and we could always rotate a few healer CDs at the end.

  • Jacemora says:

    Burning in 10 man is very doable with 2 very geared tanks and good DPS. In 25 man the closest we have gotten was getting him to about 30% and that was with some pretty good DPS so until you get most of your raid with T8 levels I am not sure how viable 25 man burning would be especially if you are downing him with a regular strategy with just a couple tries.

  • darksend says:

    I use a 3 point rotation. Point 0 is (looking at where he starts) to your left, it is only used for the first scorch and never gone back to. The first scorch is dropped on the middle two constructs on the front left (where he starts being the front).

    Point 1 is both him and me standing on the line between the two pools of water facing the water with my back to the water. This is the point you described as using for your 10 man where the scorches go out immediately.

    Point two is simply rotating around him to my right 90 degrees to drop the first scorch, then back to pt 1.

    Point three is 90 degrees to the left then back to point 1.

    We waste every other scorch as pt 1 is always the transition point between 2 and 3.

    Using this the ranged and melee never have to move. We started doing this because the construct tank was always in a different pool than the one the main tank was headed towards and somehow always ended up out of range of healers and dieing.

    ps: JACE read your emails Webmaster AT Jacemora DOT com without the anti spam right ?

  • Jacemora says:

    @Dark, Got your e-mail.

    I believe I had read about that 3 point rotation. At this point I wouldn’t want to change anything now that the raid finally feels comfortable with what they are doing.

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