The Epic Fairy paid a visit… and so did the tooth fairy…

Had some nice luck Sunday night and scored 2 HUGE upgrades.

  1. Malfurion’s Legguards of Triumph dropped from VoA!
  2. Death’s Verdict – The 1K DKP I had to cough up for this hurt a little.

So I finally ditched the mirror and I am running with Death’s Verdict and Darkmoon Card Greatness Agility version. Still no ArP trinket yet although I would like to play with one before ArP is gone for good.

The pants were a large upgrade since I was still running with T8. I am going to fine tune my DPS gear with RAWR later today and update my Gear page accordingly.

As it turns out the tooth fairy has some policies I was unaware of. My daughter woke this morning at 5:30am to find her tooth was still under her pillow. She has a small tooth fairy bag and as it turns out the tooth fairy has until daylight to arrive… especially since my daughter didn’t lose her tooth until after 5pm Monday… apparently the tooth fairy operates under some bank hours premise as well. Fortunately she was able to swoop into my daughters room as she was in the living room brushing out her hair… 4 more teeth and the tooth fairy gets some time off until my son starts losing them.

One Response to The Epic Fairy paid a visit… and so did the tooth fairy…

  • Kcir says:

    The tooth fairy that frequents our home, can take a few days for a *loot* drop.

    Sometimes she’s very busy (many children loosing teeth that night), sometimes the tooth is too well hidden, and oftentimes the recipient ‘must have been awake when she came by’

    But don’t worry; in the end she always gets the tooth 🙂

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