The first night raiding after 3.2

Ok, so before the Boo birds come out in full force let me head you off at the pass.

The first encounter in Trial of the Champion (Northrend Beasts) is not hard.

The fight is fun. For a feral druid in a DPS role it is really easy… I came in 2nd in total damage (I did Brez a dead lock in my defense)

Whatever nerf we took did not hurt much from what I can tell. I went with ArP food and Shred Idol.

Northrend Beasts

  • The fight starts with a big Magnataur named Gormock the Impaler. Nom his butt, don’t stand in fire if it shows up. He does an AoE stomp that will damage you but healers will keep you up so you can keep pew pewing.
  • 2nd are 2 Jormungars. Kill Acidmaw first then Dreadscale. Nom thier butts, stay out of acid clouds this time (Think Grobbulus) If you get acid on you run to the tank for Dreadscale so his fire will clean you off. Once Acid is down kill Dread and make sure to stay away from other players if you get caught on fire.
  • Lastly is Icehowl who looks like a huge Northrend Yeti. The big thing here is he does a stomp (Think Gruul) that will send you all the way to a wall. You must run away from the path which he will take to ram a choosen player. As long as everyone does it right and gets out of the way he will hit his head on the wall and become stunned taking extra damage so save your Berserk for it. Nom his butt, you should live through his turns and freezes as long as you have good healers. We didn’t wear any FR for the fight, my guess is on heroic it might be necessary.

So, don’t bitch and moan about how Blizzard ruined the game. The fight was fun, it was a normal mode instance so not terribly difficult, and people (or at least one person… dang so close to getting attunements back but not quite there yet) has to complete the raid in normal mode before moving on to Heroic.

Next up was a fast port back to Dalaran and to Wintergrasp for the new boss in VoA… what… wait… where is he? Guess what, he is waiting for season 7 to start so don’t bother heading that way for new content just yet. We waxed VoA real fast for some badges and crappy loot as it turned out.

So we ended the night back at Ulduar and had enough time for FL, XT (he was still bugged but we managed), Kologarn (got the arms achievement in 25 finally), and Cat Lady. Hopefully with the changes to Yogg we can finally get him this week unless something is bugged we don’t know about as it looks to be our focus to push straight through to him this week and worry about the optional bosses after.

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