The new hold boss, next progression.

So last night in our 3 hours of raiding we managed to down Beth’tilac, Lord Rhyolith, Shannox, and Occu’thar. We also got some more attempts in on Alysrazor but those were mainly to get our mage ready for Thursday night flying up in the air. Apparently mage’s in fire spec are OP up there and pulling some large numbers so we are going to give it a shot.

Occu’thar was a complete pushover. 1 shot. Definitely puggable just by reading the dungeon journal I am sure. Our reward from downing him reflected the effort. 2 PvP items, one for a warrior which we did not have… at least we got VP.

Seriously… Blizzard… want to keep people interested in your game? Forget an intelligent method of authentication and figure out an intelligent method to reward loot. We sharded half our take on the night or better because we don’t employe a resto shaman. It’s disheartening and just plain sucks. Yes, I am aware all the things that have been done to make this not a big deal, like getting loot from some other grind, but just think about it.

Some feral kitty notes on the encounters thus far…

Hunter boss and his puppies – Whatever you do don’t get caught in a crystal trap. It’s not hard, I have yet to get trapped in one. If you get focused by Rage puppy move him into an immolation trap. It does damage to him and at the same time cleans up the trap so your friends won’t need to dance around it anymore. Blow berserk early and often, use kitty leap a lot to increase up time on whatever dog you are chasing around.

Spider boss – Perfect fight to be up top. Positioning is a pain between the center hole and other possible meteor created holes. Blow zerk but make sure it will be up for the final phase. In the final phase when healing gets tight make sure to use your defensive CD’s to help out.

Turning Feet boss РHonestly, this boss seems like a lost cause for me and the meters. I spend little time DPSing him until his armor is down as I am trying to be overly cautious about getting him in the right place and not wiping the raid. He dies so quickly after that I almost wonder if this is not a fight that would be better served with me as boom and killing adds.

Big Bird Boss – We have not downed her but now that I am not flying up I found that talenting into our 10 sec int is necessary. You need to stop the druids from casting their pyroblast… it hurts. Also in phase 2 the way to avoid the tornadoes is to understand how they move. They are fast so at first the pattern looks random but what you have are rings that alternate from clockwise to counterclockwise. Essentially to avoid them you run into one ring and than back out to the original ring. I would draw a fancy diagram but the easiest way to see it is to zoom way out and do an overhead view during that phase or if you are dead in the phase. Save Berserk for the bird down phase or phase 4 I believe. This is where she is down on the ground and vulnerable.

P.S. – Except for the new ring and cloak from the new quests I have not gotten any upgrades. Sadly, I am the worst geared DPS in our 10 man sitting at about 361 ilvl. Very depressing. Never did get the Heroic staff off Hal. Maybe I will get lucky and get the fire kitty staff early.

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