Tired of the term “Casual”

I am going to vent here.

I am sick and tired of hearing about how WOW is “now” catering to the “casual” player and it has ruined the endgame for the competitive player.

I am sorry but that is a load.

Sure, for the elitist PVE (note the distinction because the truly great players IMHO are that one that excel at both PVE and PVP, those PVP players that kick ass are the ones I respect most) endgame has gotten easy and hard modes are more of the same… blah, blah, blah.

There are a lot of us that love gaming, we are good at it, we also enjoy the challenge, but we don’t necessarily meet the time requirements for a elite progression guild.

I am in a social guild with other good players and we are still working on Freya and making Thorim kills go a little easier. Why do you ask? Cause we suck? No, because we typically only raid 6 hours a week. So should raiding be so hard that someone with our time commitment can’t conceivably see all the endgame content? Of course not. On the same note I doubt we will ever get to work on hard modes because the next content will come out before we have a chance. This also means I will never see Algalon so right there you guys have a content claim to fame.

I would like the twilight title and undying title just as much as the next guy but I can’t put in the hours to get it. And that is what Blizzard made for you hard cores guys… so just shut it already.

I know I am not alone in this thinking. I know of other guilds out there at the same level of progression that we are in all with good players.

Do not tell me for 1 second that 25 “casual” players will clear Ulduar. You are full of crap! Sure, 20 real good dedicated players might, might be able to drag 5 noobs through it after all the nerfs are said and done. But to think end game raiding is now “casual”… come on, get a grip.

Do your endgame hard modes, get your cool gear and mounts, and don’t try to belittle the rest of us raiders out here busting our butt every week trying to get through normal raid content. What might be too easy for you is still challenging to the majority of us.

End Rant.

P.S. Please nerf Thorim arena a little and that damn Freya add that one shots me… jk ๐Ÿ˜‰

12 Responses to Tired of the term “Casual”

  • Orbitz says:

    Its really the relativity of the word ‘casual.’ There are different degrees of it just like there are different degrees of hardcore. I feel the butt hurt at times being in a 3 day a week (1 day allotted Raiding) raiding guild, but honestly it comes down to being just a game. You should really be happy with what you can do and accomplish, and more importantly have crazy fun with the friends you make in game.

    You really shouldn’t be discouraged, WoW has always been time-consuming; its up to you to ‘fill up’ on what you want. And god bless everyone who *DOESN’T* throw away their life for the game. But honestly, its no ones fault and you defiantly can’t blame Blizzard. But, casual is what you make it; there are plenty of casual guilds and more and more are making the best of the time they do get to raid. (Go us! ^.^)

    Just like Mcdonald’s and the fat guy. He can sue them, but he obviously fed himself. So, don’t get all worked up! Have fun!

  • Jacemora says:


    Agree with you of course, but the social aspect of the game can’t be ignored for those of us that raid with 24 strangers or 24 friends. When successfully playing the game depends on others like that, I don’t like that we are publicly being called out for being handed something that we most certainly are not.

    I see it like this, players that have cleared Algalon 25 and have an above 2000 rating in arena can say all they want about the game being too easy.

    Players that have cleared normal mode content should hold their tongue until they have done everything they can do because these same people might not be good enough to do it all before 3.2 releases and in this case they need not gripe.

    Again, this was just a rant about the direction of WOW blogs, forum threads, and articles that keep trying to make a point that WOW has in some way sold out. Blizzard has done a good job of making a game players at all levels can play and find challenging and it seems to have upset some of the WOW minority which includes anyone who 25 man raids such as myself from my understanding.

  • ARA says:

    I feel ya bro. I agree – not because I only have 6 hours/week (I have a lot more) but because their arguments are usually childish egotistical pigswill. In fact, one of the reason I like your blog is because it doesnt have any of this. Unfortunately, most players like that tend to have less play time, and tend to have progressed less, which creates an artifical sense of superiority in the minds of the childish egotistic pigswillers mentioned above.

    I believe some of the players making these arguments should spend a lot more time in school learning how to construct cogent thoughts and write them down in ways that make sense to others, than they do playing video games. They will suffer, as all adults know, when the only job they can get is flipping burgers for the junk food industry. Some of these people just *do* *not* *know* *how* *to* *make* *sense*. Their criticisms of the game are a reflection of the rambling inconherence of their own undeveloped minds, motivated by egotism.

    Oh I’ve been in elite guilds. They’re not that great. Usually full of stupid people. They just have a lot of free time on their hands. True fact.

    I enjoy an occassional rant too ๐Ÿ™‚ So, sue me for the insults. You guys are gonna regret growing up so dumb.

  • Leafshine says:

    Heh. I raid 3.5 hours per week, and we just dropped Noth in Naxx 10 for the very first time. Casual and proud.

    Hmmm. Needs some sort of logo… ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Tamarind says:

    Agreement, much agreement, a parade of agreement, with agreement balloons.

    I was ranting along these lines myself not so long ago. My working theory is that the problem is neither the hardcore nor the casual players, both of whom are too busy playing the game to whinge, but the twilight realm of annoying wannabe-hardcores inbetween who just want to *look* like they’re hardcore.

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  • Jacemora says:


    Makes sense. Not hardcore enough to do hard mode and defeat the true last boss of the instance Algalor but good enough to work on or kill Yogg.


    You go! Naxx was a fun instance for those of us that never saw the original.

  • Lennie says:

    I enjoyed your rant and I agree with you. If it is wrong to say that I am glad that Bliz is finally giving me my $15 worth, then I am wrong because I am saying it. I will never be an elite raider or arena fighter, but I play this game for sheer escapism and to hang out with my in-game buds. My guild has sucessfully cleared Naxx 25 twice and is venturing into Ulduar 10, and of course we are a social, casual guild well below the server progression. I don’t begrudge the elite raiders or arena players their gear, because they earned it, but there is nothing with the rest of us having some fun as well and seeing content that is challenging for us.

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  • Rukiya says:

    Yeah, it pisses me off when people say the content is “too easy” and complain about the nerfs. My guild raids 3 or 4 nights a week, so we put a fair amount of time in. At the same time, we are a social guild (most of us know each other irl), so not everyone is that skilled. So it takes us longer and we have to work harder to get through content that is “too easy”.

  • Jacemora says:

    I really do think Blizzard has done a good job using the easy and hard modes to satisfy all kinds. Having attempted hard modes now on some bosses I really don’t see why people ignore this facet of raiding as the solution to making everyone happy. Sure the fights don’t change much but it makes the fight what it would have been had it been as challenging as they wanted to make it IMHO.

    Again, my stance is do the hard modes and quit yer bitch’n.


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