Ulduar Clear and a Post Yogg Thrall After Party!

What a fun night!

What a fun night!

Congratulations to my fellow AC Raiders on downing 25 man Yogg!

After a good night of Yogg progression resulting in his Demise we decided to all port to Theramore… ok, 17 of us… I think 1 DCed so 16 made it into Thralls Room where we beat him down in front of Horde onlookers held at bay by I think 1 Pally and 1 hunter… lol.

Another night of lol fun!

On the way to Thrall from Ratchet I saw a mob that looked out of place and I was asked to screen shot the kitty on kitty violence…

I hear there will be some upset hunters.

I hear there will be some upset hunters.

Ah well, whatcha gonna do?

5 Responses to Ulduar Clear and a Post Yogg Thrall After Party!

  • Euripides says:

    Unless that cat can furious howl, I couldn’t care less. I might go out of my way to actually get an untextured cube if one were available, but nothing else would tempt me to the form side of the “function > form” inequality.

  • Jacemora says:

    I didn’t think it was a big deal either.


  • Frath says:

    A very fun night indeed! =D Yogg fight was awesome…and Thrall was the last and only one I needed for the For the Alliance achievement LOL
    Having been in numerous 40-man raids just to have a chance to down Thrall and failed, I had slight doubts that we could pull off a 15-ish man raid, but oh my……. XD Thanks guys!!! What an awesome night! <3 <3

    And now…could the servers come back online plz… =P

  • Vallen says:

    Grats on YS25 kill, just in time for Coliseum 25 hard modes!

    Hope you guys can keep up the momentum and clear more content.

  • Jacemora says:

    Thanks Vallen, we can only hope to keep rolling.

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