Underwhelmed by 4T11 and Mount Fun.

Just a quick post on 4T11 as I just started using the set bonus this week.

I am not sure the boost in AP is worth switching out better gear. I am not taking into account keeping an eye on the buff and re-applying mangle because there are add-ons that will make that trivial. I am going off just my numbers from one night of raiding and the overall feel. I won’t give it a thumbs down just yet as I had also reforged in the Haste direction and switched out a trinket for testing. I will report back next week, but I am thinking it is more of a break even after taking off better stat gear. My guess is if you can rock non tier Heroic items you are just fine breaking the 4T11 bonus to do so… of course, that is probably an understood anyway.

I started working toward the 100 mounts achievement and it looks like I will get there pretty easy. It takes coin, that is for sure but is not too expensive if you have been lucky and gotten a few rare mounts here or there. I believe I am going to make it to 100 with only getting the cheaper of the Argent Tournament mounts (the ones for 5 badges + gold), the PvP mounts, All possible faction mounts, both guild mounts, Brewfest mount, headless horseman, Violet Proto, and then just a smattering of dungeon mounts (Bronze Drake, Wrath 5 man hero, Rusted and Iron Drakes, 10 man ICC mount). Farming for old 5 man mounts could not be any easier so that is an option as well. A great site to figure it all out: http://www.warcraftmounts.com. Once I get my database of what I have totally updated I will toss up a link to give people an idea of how easy this achievement is now without trying too hard.

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  • Willowbear says:

    I was casually working towards the 100 mount achievement and finally reached it a couple weeks ago. Before I hit 99 I had decided I was going to get the alchemy mount as the capper. So I had started gathering the mats so I would be ready when I hit 99. (What I was mainly doing was getting the true gold transmutes done by my transmute spec’d alchemist for the require 12 bars.) When I hit 99 mounts I went and bought the other vendor ingredients and found an alchemist. I was a bit nervous because the mats are expensive. I could easily afford them, but didn’t want to get stiffed. I opened a trade window and passed them over, watched the crafting bar as he made the mount, opened a trade window and suddenly saw the text for Stable of Mounts achievement. The guy had learned the mount instead of passing it back. *crickets* He was very apologetic. *crickets* He swore it was a complete accident. *crickets* Unfortunately he couldn’t afford the mats for the mount himself(convenient huh). Finally I spoke and asked how he was going to make this right. Thankfully it was an accident. He put in a ticket and kept me up to date until he got a response from Bliz. They returned the mount and he passed it to me. I had considered not tipping him but changed my mind because of the way he handled things after screwing up. So now I have the 100mounts and the sandstone drake.

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