Using Emblems of Triumph wisely… 2T9 bonus for Cats

If you are like me you are trying to run the daily heroic as much as you can for the new Emblems of Triumph.

So as you accumulate this new currency for Epic goodies how do you decide which items to get first.

Here are some simple guidelines you should consider when making your decision.

  1. Replace your worst gear first. Purchase the upgrade which gives you the largest increase in DPS pertaining to one of the big Theorycrafters (RAWR, Toskk, Fbn)
  2. Wait on T9. The same Theorycrafters listed above have not taken a big stance on the new set bonus and neither has anyone else. Wait for more hard evidence as to T9 bonus value before saving large amounts of Emblems to get the 2 piece bonus. The exception to this rule however is if you managed to get a Trophy of the Crusade, then you might want to save up.
  3. Don’t break 4T8 if you have it. See above, wait for more 2T9 information. 4T9 will not be good for feral DPS compared to Heroic ToC 25 Epic gear.
  4. Look at how your stats are going to change. Try to keep Hit close to 230 and be careful losing Crit to haste. Try to plan out a few upgrades in the future to have your stats out of balance for as short a period as possible.
  5. When looking a couple of upgrades out try to look at the big picture and you ultimately want to avoid wasting Emblems for something you would replace before Icecrown.
  6. Keep in mind the value an upgrade will have for both tanking and DPS roles if that is how you are dual spec. An item that is good for both roles might be a better early upgrade than 1 one that is best only for a single role.

Personally I am going to either get Duskstalker Shoulderpads to upgrade Treacherous Shoulderpads or Dexterous Brightstone Ring to replace Strong-Handed Ring for an opening purchase. The ring believe it or not would most likely be the larger of the two upgrades DPS wise… just scary stats on a ring I tell ya.

Personally I think I am going to wait for Heroic T9 Tokens unless I end up with Emblems of Triumph to burn. T9 using Emblems of Triumph will be my last purchase I would probably make and that would be at the point I have filled in other BiS slots and would get rid of 2T8 bonus for the 2T9 ( assuming the numbers people preach it’s use soon ).

NightCrowler has 2T9 in his BiS model however he also admits that he needs to do more testing and his current list was just a starting point. Apparently RAWR is not valuing 2T9 very highly either and Toskk still likes using T6 gear in some slots so you have to take some things with a grain of salt.

The Jacemora anti-number-sim-craft says take a hard look at the ring, shoulders, helm, and idol before blowing Emblems on T9.

4 Responses to Using Emblems of Triumph wisely… 2T9 bonus for Cats

  • Kal says:

    I’d also add that the wise cat will go for the chest and gloves for T9 first if they’re wanting to save. Why? Because the gloves and the chest can be gemmed and enchanted to be great for both cat and bear; the legs, shoulders and (most heavily) the head cannot. Getting 2pT9 chest and gloves will allow upgrades for both cat and bear, and allow you to spend your triumph badges on the Duskstalker Shoulders and Hood of Lethal Intent.

    I’d still go with the Dexterous ring first; it is either going to be one of the two best rings or close to one of the two best rings in Coliseum time no matter what you have right now, and it’s super cheap. You won’t upgrade it for a long, long time – and almost certainly not this patch.

    Rawr hasn’t modelled the 2pT9 bonus well, and it never has. Keep in mind one thing – towards the end of this content, theorycrafting says that if you’re in the best gear possible you will want to drop rake entirely from your rotation. Without 2pT8, it will simply not scale as well as shred will with high armor pen and agility.

  • Melthu says:

    Rawr is not currently modeling 2T9 at all. Dexterous Brightstone Ring is at least in the top 3 rings, possibly top 2. Idol of Mutilation is BiS for cats and not terrible for bears, not to mention that the bear BiS idol is bought with Conquest badges so you don’t need to worry about throwing it away once you get a lucky drop.

    2T9 will almost certainly be the way to go for cats. The bonus is very powerful (about 50% more powerful than 2T8) but only the shoulders have any armor pen on them, so going all the way to 4T9 will almost surely be a dps loss (though, as you said, theorycrafting is still being done on this).

  • Jacemora says:


    Agreed, good point. I had also read that about rake… sounds like people are on the fence with it as it is a good CP generator.


    True about the power of T9 in theory, I also read the math behind it… just not sure I would take it over BiS gear at least at first… BiS setup does have 2T9 in it atm according to Fbn.

  • Melthu says:

    Absolutely. Depending on how fast your guild progresses it may be a good idea to stick with things like Dexterous Brightstone Ring and Idol of Mutilation first because you (probably) won’t replace those at all this tier. Then, when you have extra Triumph emblems with nothing else to spend them on you can buy some tier pieces.

    This is the more efficient way of gearing up, because your early badges (which are hard to come by right now) go towards gear you’ll continue to use the entire content patch. However, it *is* slower than shooting straight for your 2T9 bonus, knowing that those badges will be ultimately “wasted” since those pieces aren’t BiS. It’s a pretty interesting balancing act, and probably the only one we’ll have to deal with this entire tier thanks to the lean itemization in the Coliseum.

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