Well, we downed Attumen, Moroes, and Maiden again last night…

…and still no Epic leather drops for me… boy this is getting frustrating. I think I have killed those 3 at least a half dozen times. I lost bidding with swaps on I think just 1 leather item in that time frame. That is a lot of drops with no Epic leather falling I tell ya. It really sucks because I don’t get a whole lot of time to run anything uniterrupted with a newborn in the house so it would be nice to gear up at least a little. I mean I got Moroes’ Lucky Pocket Watch on one run which is great for when I tank but I really need help in DPS when I cat. No one seems to be willing to make me a vengence wrap and I don’t hve the gear to activate the Meta-Gem in my Helm of the Claw…. and the only other Kara Epic I have is a poison vial trinket that almost never procs and gives me plus to hit which I really don’t need with my hit being above 200.

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