What a Night

Thanks and CongoRats to my fellow 10 man raiders! We had an awesome night of fun and focused raiding and it just shows how important playing with not only people you like but the same people every week for continuity can do for success.

We started the night with a 20 minute ToC 10… just blew it up… badges and gear as our regular hunter has rolled a Shammy to help with our raid comp.

Then came ToGC 10 and our first A Tribute to Insanity (10 player).  30 minutes of focused gameplay… It was awesome… and no one died the whole run.


After that we headed over to Ulduar to plow through to Algalon and after not having tried him in over 2 months and with a new healer that has only played a healer for 2 weeks we downed him on our 3rd try… maybe took 10 minutes of attempts. Granted we out geared it (He was actually harder than the Insanity Achievement)… but keep in mind this was the same group of people that either got or worked toward the first kill in Sept for Herald of the Titans.


So I also got some achievements I had missed as well… which was fun. I actually did top DPS on Kologarn mangle spamming and keeping my DoT’s up… that was a surprise. Doing XT without killing the heart was a challenge… although faster than just doing hard mode XT for the umpteenth time it is actually a little harder IMHO…. though not much.

Thursday night we are going to work on Alone in the Darkness (10 player) or at least clear to Yogg while trying to finish up Champion of Ulduar. We only need Iron Council, General, and Yogg with no deaths to finish that up.

All in all another fun night of 10’s. I will be updating my gear page soon… it is really old and I am now really stacked in gear short of a ToC cloak and belt. On normal fights being somewhere between 6K and 7K DPS is the norm and I topped 10K in a twins fight and Hodir for the first time ever.

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  • vallen says:

    Jace, grats on your recent success!

    Did you win the mount? I’ve lost 3 weeks in a row 🙁 It’s driving me nuts!

    Just took a look at your gear, hope you can take some constructive criticism. Is there any particular reason why you’ve gemmed half arp and half agil? I know some people don’t take my stance of full arp and gem full agil but I’ve rarely see people doing half and half. Doing some quick math I calculated 570 arp which only around 40% penetration.

  • Jacemora says:

    I eat ArP food… so 610.

    I am cheap and I am only gemming ArP as I replace gear now. No way I swap out the agility gems I do have for like 100dps. If swapping out my current gems to ArP would give me like 500 more DPS I would but I don’t see it without the Runestone (hoping maybe it drops this week and I actually win the roll)

    Nope, I didn’t win the mount… our resto druid did. I was just fine with that as I am still enjoying my new Black War Bear as we did a guild destruction of the horde leaders in 1 hour… that was real fun too.

  • vallen says:

    Makes sense, I am the same way as I don’t want to switch out gems unless I have to (which is why I have 1-2 few odd choices). Personally I just do WG and get 10-20k honor a week and use that to buy 1-2 gems a week that way. I’m sitting on 11 cardinal rubies for now 🙂

    My mount of choice is currently the choppah, loving that!

  • Satnam says:

    Flux, would you judge me if I told you she already knows how to do that? She also knows how to fish and dig up ore! We teach em young round these here parts

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