Where o Where are the Gnomes?

I am referring to the retaking of Gnomer of course.

I can’t help that my blog has become somewhat stagnant as I am no longer really in the position to be getting upgrades or challenging the meters as I get outgeared by people still running 25’s… or better yet running 25 ICC Heroics. No way I pug a 25 man Heroic ICC fight… ok, maybe ship but what good would that do?

I am sitting on over 200 Frost Emblems and I don’t really want to bother with the DPS cloak or the Tanking trinket… short of Heroic 25 the upgrades are just not that earth shattering.

I am looking forward to Ruby Sanctum and it’s new and shiny… hopefully mount… but I don’t really know.

Our 10 man LK Hero tries although fun, have been infrequent and progression has been slow. This fight is VERY unforgiving and having the majority of our 10 in <264 gear isn’t helping matters… I SO look forward to Cataclysm and the same gear dropping in both 10 and 25, hopefully they can get the balance right on the encounters to match the new loot ideologies.

Well, that is all for now… I will try and drum up the interest for a 10 man Hero ICC full on guide… ugh.

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  • Rahl says:

    I think that there are allot of people in your position!
    Dont worry though we will still be checking for the updates to the sight stagnant or not! 8)

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