Wish I was more excited about 4.2

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about new content, quests, gear, etc.

I wish I was more excited about the buff to Kitty damage.

Why am I not you ask?

Well, rumor has it Firelands raiding is still as melee unfriendly as the current raiding content. (Note, I still only believe this to be the case for Heroic T11 raiding and assuming it will be the same for T12, or worse)

When your 10 man raiding team is expecting you to be boomkin going forward… how excited can you get about feral DPS?

It’s sad really, but I don’t think I am alone in wondering where blizzard went wrong in the “bring the player. not the class” mentality.

As a druid I am fortunate to have the option to play a caster for an expansion. But what of warriors, rogues, and pally’s that want to DPS? Is it no coincidence rogues seem less and less plentiful?

I am still excited and I look forward to playing more boomkin unless needed for some OT/DPS duties on specific fights… but I would have preferred it to be the other way around where going boomkin would be the exception and not the rule.

Thoughts anyone? My guess is people raiding 25’s have less of an issue. We are finding it harder and harder to get the people for a 25 man run. Either through disinterest, scheduling, or just lack of players at any given time.

I really prefer the 10 man format, but it does seem the tuning is just brutal and is possibly hurting the ideology of playing with friends regardless of class.

Oh well, I will continue to trudge on hoping we can at least keep the numbers for one or two 10 man teams in our guild.


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  • Eiki says:

    I feel you pain. Although I consider myself very lucky to be in an amazing guild that focus on 25man raiding (where they let me mew stuff away since they want a good balance of classes all over), it is easy to see that most fights are designed toward having lots and lots of range dps. On top of the fact that it seems like ranged do more dps since they don’t have to move / chase stuff for some/most encounters (pointing at you arcane mages…).

    But I love playing as a cat (or bear); my only gripe with the spec is the positional requirement on shred and savage roar (I just hate it.. don’t as me why, I just do.. I’d like to see it as a proc off FB).

    Oh well now I’m starting to ramble.



  • Eldhorn says:

    I’ve been able to go Cat on many of the harder heroic fights with my 10man guild, and I have to say it actually works, most of the time, but the problem is that you just can’t fit too many melee. Every time I go cat (instead of Owl, resto or bear) I nudge out our warrior, rogue or dps DK.
    I agree with your verdict that they completely botched the “bring the player, not the class” deal, because if you don’t bring 2-3 ranged, you’re screwed.
    Right now it feels like I have to bust my ass not to be a burden to my guild when I get to play kittie, and that’s just wrong. I want to work hard to pull us forward, not to keep up.
    Anyway! Good post, and hang in there 🙂 Ferals can still pull off some impressive numbers even in higher end raids, and our hero bear specs can really bring unique and powerful utility to 10s, so all hope is not lost.

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