Wootness… Finally

Well, I was lucky last night to get to finally see the Chess event. Which is nice since I was part of the party for the first downing of Curator and Aran. BigRedKitty was nice enough to let me sub in, thanks BRK. And finally Epic leather falls! So I am now the proud owner of a Girdle of Treachery which cost me every last point in auction… but I am cool with that since nothing ever drops for me anyway…. have to get it when I can and there is no better DPS belt for a feral druid until Gronn-Stitched Girdle from Gruul.

So I just put in a Bold Living Ruby and Don Amancio’s heart…

AP is now up from 2222 to 2270 and I only lost .16 agility. and gained close to 400HP and 40 armor. Now with this belt I can spend my BG rewards on an Epic Bracer or Boot to further DPS and Mitigation…. this will help with fighting Aran since I am gaining mitigation without losing DPS and can get away from wearing a mix of my tanking gear and DPS gear.

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