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So now has a group playlist feature and I am asking all of you to check out some of my songs in there to get an idea of the music I like first, then search and add some songs you think I might like.


  1. No Country
  2. No Classical
  3. Try to avoid metal unless it is really good and unique.

I like all different types of music but try to use the songs I already put in there as a guide to what I might like.

Here is a link to my group playlist…. PLAYLIST

I have that shared playlist up on my Hot Tunes page, I look forward to hearing your suggestions

3 Responses to Add music to my group playlist

  • Aleanathem says:

    So basically you want nothing much? =p Sorry, but all those No’s sorta hurt you in my eyes. Good music is good no matter the genre. =)

  • Jacemora says:

    County music can be good… I just personally don’t dig it.
    Classical music is just that… Classical, and I have heard it all.

    This left jazz, blues, rock, pop, rap, dance, techno, metal, new age, wave, grunge, big band, progressive, easy listening, etc… seems like more than enough options.


  • Aleanathem says:

    Well I’d say if you have those 2 already struck out then you’ll be much more picky with the rest of it. I love country. Partially being raised in the South, but I did dislike it through much of my schooling. My music list on YouTube is so mixed up it’s confusing. I don’t toss out any genre because you may end up liking a song or two from it.

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