Ipod Touch and IPhone friendly

I have added a WordPress plugin that should now have the site friendly to Apple heads out there. Let me know how it works and looks, I even made a custom Ipod Touch Icon for the site.

I also went ahead and added a plugin for other mobile users as well, should work with most phones. My site rocks on my HTC touch now, check out my gear page… looks awesome.

3 Responses to Ipod Touch and IPhone friendly

  • althalas says:

    Thank you! That is much better. Not as pretty, but at least I can read the site now.

  • Jacemora says:

    Question. I know it looks nothing like the original site now but does it still look good? Did you get the custom Icon I made? Just asking because I have no IPhone and IPhoney on my MAC shows the same front page so I don’t think it is working right.

    Can you leave comments from your phone?

    Please report anything that isn’t functional or that you think could be better since there are a lot of options in the plugin I could mess with.

    Thanks for letting me know!

  • Althalas says:

    It looks fuctional. There is an icon at the top, but no graphics at all. You may want to ping BRK, he set up a decent iPhone site.

    Posted from the phone 🙂

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