NDA lifted for SWTOR… Finally…

So, now that I can speak freely about the new Star Wars MMO which is releasing soon here goes…

  1. For a game releasing in Dec. it should be less buggy. – Elevators. I mean come on.
  2. WOW with Lightsabers. WOW with my own ship. WOW where everyone is a hunter with a pet (Everyone gets a companion… or 4… they hang out on your ship and you get to pick which one to take on away missions… fun.
  3. Cut scene quest dialog is cool… at first… then it wears on you, especially in Flashpoints (4 man dungeons) where you have to wait for each person to pick a response (They get like 2 minutes per response). Honestly Flashpoints will take longer than WOW 5 mans, worse if you are pugging.
  4. Crafting is sweet as you can send you companion to do it, even if you are logged out!
  5. Companions are sweet as they can tank for you and go sell your vendor trash while you do something else.
  6. Questing is meh for the exception of your class questing which can be a pretty interesting story line. The rest are similar to any other MMO but with voice acting.

So, I enjoyed checking the game out but I am uncertain if people after the newness wears off will want to keep leveling to an uncertain endgame content if they have shiny max level characters in WOW with a newly released patch and expansion looming (Yes, even an expansion with Panda’s)

So that was my short SWTOR take, if anyone has any specific questions just ask away.

Skyrim on the other hand, even with it’s bugs, has sucked me in pretty good. The graphics, sound, and voice acting are all amazing and the story and interaction with the NPC’s, objects, and the world is very cool. I am purposefully not reading about the game online because I started looking for information and started running into hacks and what not. I am finding walking through the game in kinda a constantly learning mode refreshing. I hear of people grinding crafting, exploiting ways to level skills, etc and I have decided to ignore all that and just follow the various quests and story lines. So far I am surprised by how quickly the time can pass as I am playing. I would definitely say it’s worth buying as it is a very different experience from what is out there. It’s funny after years of just playing WOW playing a game like Skyrim with a save feature just feels like cheating.

In WOW I am still working on Heroic Rags in 25 man waiting for the patch to hit. We have made some progress as we are getting to sub 40% tries pretty cleanly now but we are having a hard time stringing together really good attempts and days with full attendance. I think everyone is really looking forward to the patch and DragonSoul.

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