So I have not posted anything in a while…


Well, we have not raided much with some people unavailable and what not so not much new to report.

There have been some changes in the Alpha for WotLK as far as our talents go but since this is going to change so much before the release I don’t think I am going to keep putting up the info here. There is a thread on Emmeralds forums that I started that has some conversation on the changes and what not.

You might have noticed the new format of my site, just playing around with it.

Lately I have been playing WOW a little less than usual, I started reading the Harry Potter books and now found myself drawn in to trying to finish the series. I am almost to the end of the Half-Blood Prince and then only the last book left after that.

When I am on WOW as of late I have been working on leveling my Horde hunter… well, my daughters Horde hunter since she created the character. It is a nice change of pace with different zones and quests and what not. Being a hunter is pretty fun.

Well, hopefully I will have some posts soon about some Hyjal Kills or maybe some BT kills. Our guild is looking for some more raiders to add to our ranks. We need an affliction lock, a rogue or 2, and I think some mages… bottom line we need enough people to not miss raids in case someone is sick, busy with school for a week or 2, has a pissed off wife, etc…

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