Star Wars MMO… Meh

So not only do I have trouble getting motivated to log into SWTOR but it has been difficult to get motivated to write about the experience.

When beta testing I really thought the game had promise, of course with getting to a max level of 24 during that time I just assumed the game would get more enjoyable the higher level I attained. Gear would look sweeter, the story would become more epic, the worlds and quests more interesting… now on line at level 47 the only notable thing I can think of is I am killing Wookies now. The game play is clunky, the world feels… digital, crafting is lame, and the whole experience just has not sucked me in.

The game really is a WOW clone, but an early one. The game is lacking all the nice stuff Blizzard has added over the years like LFG, Achievements, Dual Specs… and the list goes on. I don’t blame Bioware, it isn’t their fault the task to create as polished as a product that Blizzard has created with WoW is just insurmountable… Well, maybe it isn’t but you can’t do it when spending so much time and energy on voice acting… which gets old by the way, especially when you have to hear your character say the same packaged responses over and over.

Folks, no MMO is going to knock WoW off it’s perch. The investment in time and money just won’t happen, not to mention how difficult it is to get the community and addons up to speed. And think, Blizzard is working on Titan while WoW just keeps on trucking.

I have 25 days left to get to level 50. I do plan on getting my character there if I can sludge through these last 3 levels. After the 25 days left I am done with SWTOR. I just feel no motivation to even look at endgame raiding.

I am looking forward to Beta testing MoP and will definitely be writing what I can about it just as I did for Cata.


2 Responses to Star Wars MMO… Meh

  • Jonathan says:

    Agree with this.
    I came to SWTOR after a long break from MMOs. After a few hours playing I was inspired to re-install WoW and jump back into that world.

  • Jacemora says:

    OMG, SWTOR is actually bringing people back to WOW!

    Welcome back, depending on how long you have been gone you should be pleasantly surprised with a lot of the changes.

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