First post on the new site!

If I could ask, Please leave a comment letting me know you found my new home. If you are a fellow blogger please also give your site so I can add it to my blogroll.


5 Responses to Welcome!

  • darksend says:

    You don’t have your followers showing on this one? /cry

    I wish I could say something about the purple being to over the top, but mine is far worse lol.

    Anyways welcome to your new home from http://mother-bear.blogspot.com/

  • ARA says:

    Sweet man! wow, its very…. errr… purple!!! jk jk I love it. When you had a posst called “my last post” I was like oh noessss, he’s going to quit blogging. Glad you were just trying to entice you loyal readers! Anyway good luck with the new platform. Yes, I look forward to hearing you give us video demos on your first few algalon kills 🙂

  • Gronyon says:

    Hi. found your new site 😉

    Ouch purple, at first it “shocked” me, quite “flashy”, but overall, it’s nice. And I’m following your from feed reader more than the actual site 🙂

    So you’r on WordPress now. You said you host it yourself ? you don’t use an online wordpress host ?

    May I ask how much you (will) pay to keep that site up ?

  • Eglador says:

    Found it! 😀 Oh, and the feed seems to work, too.

  • Jacemora says:

    @Dark, I will get you site added soon! Thanks for the comment. I will see if there is a wordpress widget for followers.

    @ARA, who is Algalon? Thanks for the comment.

    @Gronyon, Actually I was running my own LAMP server but decided to pay for hosting. I went with justhost.com. Cost is going to depend on traffic but for now it is on a shared server so like 5 bucks a month. Thanks for the comment.

    @Eglador, Awesome! Thanks for the comment.

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