So some of my neighbors kids ring my doorbell the other day, and the Warden answers the door.

Who was it honey? I asked.

Neighbors kids, she said.

What did they want?

They are selling mulch bark, $.25 a piece.

Hmmm, Entrepreneurs. Let me answer it next time.

Exactly 1 day later… Doorbell.

WWBRKD I thought…

Hi kids, whatcha need?

We are selling pine chips, 25 cents a piece.

Hmmm, I really don’t need any pine bark… However, If you found one that looked like Abraham Lincon, Mary (Mother of Jesus), or Obama I might be intested in buying it for 50 Cents!

The look of confusion and then excitement was priceless… updates as they happen…

Have a fun and safe weekend everybody and remember to ask yourself… WWBRKD.

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