Feral Druid Soloing Heroic MrT

Thanks to Eglador I decided to try my hand at soling Heroic MrT. You can go to his site to see the video he made accomplishing the same feat.

This post is for tips on how to do each fight since I have not found it talked about and in the video it is unclear what gear changes are being made or what cooldowns are being used.

I won’t go through each piece of gear I used but needless to say I have 5/5 T7.5 and all the best gear currently in game for the exception of 2D legs and Maly chest.

Selin Fireheart – No trick to him just bear up and tank and spank, didn’t even need CD’s

Vexallus – I died the first try but it was close. 2nd try was still close but I waited a little later to use Survival Instincts and Frenzied Regeneration as well as Berserk. I wore 3 peices of Polar gear on this one for the extra health but used a mix of kitty dps leather and bear accessories. Basically save your Cool Downs until things get really hairy. Make sure you target the sparks as it looked like swipe or maul wasn’t hitting them. Don’t worry too much about almost dying before you kill him, you will be getting 14K mangles so the health he has left right to the end can be misleading. Make sure as soon as he dies to start casting heals on yourself to save a possible run back to collect your loot.

Priestess Delrissa – Just like the video shows. I had the rogue and the pally which really sucked. Just stay targeted on her and eventually they both run out of mana and die. I basically wore my OT set for this. It wasn’t hard at all, had about 18K heath left but I did burn my cool downs in this fight so make sure they are up.

Kael’thas Sunstrider – Died the first time. I was wearing way too much bear gear including the polar stuff and didn’t get him to 50% so I took a pyroblast to the face. 2nd time I went in 5/5 T7.5 and the rest kitty gear except for Origin of Nightmares and Idol of the White Stag and I stayed on him in cat form til the first bird came out. Do your usual raid DPS cat rotation (minus shred) because you need to burn him to 50% as quickly as possible. I did not interrupt any fireballs. When the bird comes I just swiped and mauled it down. I beleive I did target the egg to assure it would break. Don’t forget to run out of his Flame Strike which you can clearly see spinning around you. Just like the video once he uses gravity Lapse run back to the door and heal yourself up but make sure to keep enough mana to shift back to cat form. Once back in cat form you won’t need anymore heals. Continue to avoid his balls of death and scratch his eyes out while swimming around in the air.

Loot, and good luck if you are mount hunting. No big white birdy for me but that’s ok cause I love my Wintersaber mount (which I would gladly stop riding for a spectral tiger).

Heroic Magisters’ Terrace down, many Heroic BC instances to go.

9 Responses to Feral Druid Soloing Heroic MrT

  • darksend says:

    WOW, impressive.

    Most heroics are a joke and easily soloable but this I did not think would be one of them

    I have a surprise coming up 2 weeks from now in my weekly tips section that has to do with this topic hopefully you don’t post it before I do (but I like my once a week format so meh)

    you should post videos of soloing old heroics *SPOILER*

  • Eglador says:

    Meh… there is no real guide stuff in that video because the external hard drive where the raw files were on broke while I was editing that stuff, so the only thing remaining was that pre-rendered video that I made, but yeah, I should have written at least some stuff about it…

  • Jacemora says:


    I am not that into soloing so I doubt I will give it away whatever it is. I look forward to hearing about it.


    I am glad you didn’t write it up, it gave me something to write about after I did it. I searched it but actually found no tips from the druids out there that had also done it so I figured it would make for a good post.

  • Jacemora says:


    I am standing in front of Warp Splinter now and I think I just figured it out. Without giving it away completely… see if I am on the right track… I have been very fortunate in Naxx, I have another to spare, grab 4 of these off the AH, put it on and test it out. I was very vague but if we are thinking of the same thing you know what it all means.

  • Jacemora says:

    Ok, Warp Splinter was a complete pushover.

  • ARA says:

    Very nice! well, I dont like the MGT mount so much, so I’ve been doing sethekk every other day. No luck as of yet. I usually get the last boss down around 16 minutes after zoning in, so its very time efficient. Standard tanking gear with a couple of dps pieces thrown in for good measure, and plenty of stealthing.

  • Jacemora says:


    Well I just did MrT for the Achievement. Running Sethekk Daily for the birdy that doesn’t fly sounds like a decent plan though.

  • Rubymelon says:

    I thought it was interesting to note that you called it MrT. On my server it’s called MgT so I was confused at first glance. MrT has a nice ring to it though. Kind of like Mr. T 😛

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