Lifeward enchant and you.

So in between soloing all this old content I got to thinking, why not enchant my The Undeath Carrier that is collecting dust in the bank with Enchant Weapon – Lifeward.

I have to say going this route made soloing some of this content much easier. First, I only lose armor and mongoose chant switching from my Origin of Nightmares. I gain 1.11% crit however and the ability to get a decent heal with a good proc rate and no hidden cd.

The result was quite surprising. I am sure I have not read everything out there on the web about using this chant to tank but from what I have read even with the patch 3.08 buff to 300HP (600HP crit) heals this chant is still looked down upon for anything but farming or soloing old content.

I would say for the feral druid having a weapon enchanted like this might come in handy for some situational stuff especially AoE swiping. Take a look at the picture…


Lifeward came in at 16.7% of my incoming heals for my mech run. Not bad considering on single target fights I was still using my main tanking weapon instead. FR was 2nd with 21.3% of my incoming heals and ImpLotP was #1 at 54.5%.

Still, 16.7% is pretty amazing, well hell, getting 185938 healing from ImpLotP is just crazy as well. Let me say that if you are serious about testing the limits of soloing content as a bear make sure you don’t go without ImpLotP.

Bottom line is I think on any fights single target or otherwise that comprise only of incoming magic damage or very little physical the UC staff with Lifeward is going to be seeing some action. Watching it proc on the scrolling text was enough to sell me of it’s situational use. I would easily see 300, 300, 600 come up at times within just a couple sec span.

So when you are thinking… Oh no, not Naxx again… think twice if you might be able to get an UC staff to play around with.

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  • Rubymelon says:

    interesting! I’ll have to keep that in consideration when I get an upgrade staff for my druid. Maybe i’ll replace the old one with the lifeward enchant for soloing.

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