The “Can you run me through XYZ” question

Please do us Feral druids a favor and don’t asks us to run you through an instance…. not even Deadmines… seriously….

Newsflash, as a feral druid my only AoE sucks, has a CD, and swipe only hits 3 mobs at a time. Please find a pally to go agro the whole place and kill everything in like 5 minutes… thanks.

Feral druids running someone through something is tedious and boring.

Now, if you are a high enough level druid or rogue that just wants to stealth to a couple bosses for loot you would actually use this might be ok but I have no idea where this would be something you need to do.

One Response to The “Can you run me through XYZ” question

  • Jason says:

    I hate it when people ask me. If they are guildies and I am just sitting around not doing anything anyway (which is rare with my limited play time) I will help out just because I like to feel amazing and see how many mobs I can have on my at once.

    And to see those monstrous piles of bodies that the lowbie has to sift through always makes me laugh.

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