Get better or GTFO

Yes, I know… I am on some sort of posting tangent… it happens when you decide to take up Archeology… my readers thank you Blizzard… or maybe they don’t… I dunno.

I want to touch on a comment I made in a previous post about getting better or finding a less hard core guild.

I am very fortunate that I am 10 man raiding with a group of guys that feel it’s bring the player, not the class/spec.

So far, with that mentality, we have accomplished quite a bit. The group was able to get server first Heralds title in Wrath as well as first kill on LK (again, 10 man)… this was with raiding maybe 6-10 hours a week… a far cry from a hard core raiders schedule.

What this means, as opposed to Hard Core guilds, we change our strategy to fit our composition and not the other way around.

We are melee heavy and we find ourselves deviating from the suggested strategy quite frequently in order to progress. Honestly, it makes the whole raiding and gaming experience that more fun. Hard Core guilds are all about progressing quickly and if that means you get benched for a fight or 2, you get benched for a fight or 2.

My point is don’t blame Blizzard. They really have done a good job balancing, what is left are raid leaders and guild masters that don’t actually take the time to dissect parses and go off general numbers or just look at a site like SoDps and decide to bring someone else.

If you are raiding with a guild like that, you are in the wrong place. Trust me, I am not the only lucky kitty to be in a good guild having success progression raiding.

Good luck, do what you can to improve your game, find a group worthy of your time and expertise. You will find that typically hard core guilds have to raid twice as much to find the same success as a dedicated group that knows how to strategize through diversity… and that is a much more rewarding experience IMHO.

Gives you more time to dig up fossils… ugh.

Just this kitties 2 cents, if I get to the point where I actually feel gimped I will let everyone know.

Guild fun and excitement

I am really excited by our new guild, With Feeling.

Just for some history…

My first couple of guilds when I started WOW were created by a lot of new players that started out on Drenden shortly after the BC release. We were clueless about things like raiding and Attunement and we ultimately broke apart and found guilds that could help us move into the raiding scene and teach us what the heck to do outside of leveling.

My first real taste of raiding came from joining Aetherial Circle. I raided in BC with AC until they went on a raiding Hiatus before Wrath. I joined Knight Watch at that point to continue BC raiding (BT more specifically) and stayed with them into Wrath til somewhere in Ulduar.

I had an opportunity to return to AC as part of a dedicated 10 man group working on hard modes, heroic raids, and getting ponies (mounts) and titles (I like collecting titles) and even better on nights that my wife approved… and only 2 nights per week down from 3. We were wildly successful and were typically in the top 3 on server for 10 man progression and achievements. Toward the end of Wrath and going into the next Xpac we stopped raiding before we downed LK heroic and to continue raiding I joined Dsylxeic on Drenden and went back to 25 man raiding. It was awesome and I was fortunate enough to get a LK hero kill in before Cataclysm. I left Dsylxeic prior to Cataclysm because there was no way I could keep up with the schedule of a hard core raiding guild… 4 nights a week just won’t happen for me… heck, 3 is even tough.

Due to wanting to do nothing but 10 man content going forward, especially with the changes made by Blizzard, our old AC 10 man broke off from AC which had become defunct during Wrath due to various reasons. We started With Feeling and invited back all the old AC players that had gone elsewhere. We have had a lot of people return and we have also brought in (merged) with another successful 10 man guild Paragon.

We have started to return to raiding and all 3 10 man groups we were able to field all downed Magmaw, I believe on our first night of tries. We are running old content on off nights where people are interested and getting a lot of those guild achievements (I even got my ironbound protodrake finally).

We are doing a pretty nifty guild organization of raid teams. Thus far we have our original 10 man from AC that we have reorganized due to attrition (well, we probably are not quite finished yet), we have a 10 man raid group of Hawaiians (No, that is not a fancy way of saying Canadians). And we have the Paragon 10 man raid group. Any group within the guild is free to manage their group and raid as they see fit and I think the structure is going to work out nicely. No forcing of any guild DKP policy or any of that nonsense. Each raid team can distribute loot how they see fit. Any raid team can fill an open spot with anyone they want, Etc.

Honestly, I am so excited about the dynamic and possible success I am sure that Blizzard will remove 10 man raiding completely in the next expansion… LOL.

Changes on the PTR… and our first boss down.

So changes for the latest patch are up…

  • Bear damage is going down
  • Bear Armor is going up
  • Swipe damage is going down for kitties
  • No mention of kitty change to Mastery
  • No mention of a fix to the Meta Gem dumb blue>red requirement.

The good news… Looks like Kitty DPS is going to be Ok… for now… in PvE… mostly.

  • Berserk no longer clears the effect of Fear or makes you immune to Fear for the duration.

This hurts in PvE because there were times we could use this to continue to DPS while others were running around in fear… but not a huge deal. This REALLY hurts in PvP as it honestly was one of our biggest upsides. We will now get nuked to death by hunters and locks everywhere…. Ok, a little melodramatic, especially since I PvP very little, but I did always like picking Warlocks out of a BG group and ripping them to shreds… Ah well. If we are lucky they will let this change handle our PvP nerf and leave our Mastery and Bleeds where they are.

We downed MagMaw last night after just 2 attempts (reads we are awesome) which gave us lots of time to practice ODS. We looked through the logs today and realized Magmatron’s shield absorbs DoT damage… including my bleeds… so next week we stop DPS on him early and it’s game over. We still managed to get them to <10% so it looks like those 2 will be on farm very soon. I was lucky and scored Parasitic Bands.

For those of you wondering if you are ready to raid, I found this over at…

It looks like with a good team it doesn’t take too much in terms of gear to start raiding and have success.

P.S.  Kitties can get an angle on Magmaw and shred… Thank you Blizzard for fixing this expansions Kologarn… maybe they do listen.

Beta Testing.

So ever since I hit 85 with Jacemora in the Beta I essentially stopped playing in Beta.

My plan now, with the little time before the Cataclysm release I plan on testing out just how Uber my premade can be in full Raid T11 gear. I have cut the gems (such weird requirements on the meta), enchanted my gear, and choose a bear feral spec.

My plan is to solo some content… Most likely some Black Temple trash, just to see how viable solo grinding the last little bit of rep I need will be. Also probably Utgarde Pinnacle as I still don’t have the Blue Drake. It is possible to solo Utgarde already for the drake drop, but I want to see how much easier it is at 85 with awesome gear.

Ok… so off to BT… Fly to Blasted Lands… go through portal… fly to Outpost…. fly to BT…

“You must be in a raid…”

Damn it.


Fly to SW Harbor… boat to Northrend… fly to Valgarde… fly to UK… set to Heroic and enter UP.

Stealth to Skadi…

Run the gauntlet… kill guys… pick up harpoons… shoot down Skadi…. oh wait…

Bags are full… /damn it

Drop a Heaveweave manual…

kill guys… pick up harpoons… shoot down Skadi.

Kill Skadi, loot… no Blue Proto. /Sigh

Ok, so what did I learn?

  1. This is Easy. I went from 130K+ health to about 100K. Fought him standing still, never moved. Used no cooldowns.
  2. Bears hit freaking hard.
  3. Droprate will have me doing this quite a bit.

Whoa… just realized I have not posted in a while…

So, I have been playing very little as of late.

I did log on to do the first 2 phases of Pre Cata Content. A bunch of quests, and the feat of strength. You can get good information on the feat from this Tripping the Rifts.

A bit of FYI, you can get the achievement by gaining the buff in Azeroth. You can only loot the item for the daily if you do it at level content. I recommend doing it old world personally.

I stocked up on mats to get a jump start on leveling professions. I personally have to level tailoring, enchanting, jewelcrafting, inscription, and alchemy. After doing some WOWhead research I found only enchanting allows for stocking old mats to level and it is only a guaranteed 10 points.

News came out from a dev that the current beta pace of leveling will persist in Cataclysm release. What this means is that leveling to 85 is going to be VERY fast. Be prepared to jump in 5 man heroics and crafting epics quickly in order to gear up for raiding.

I believe the new Feral DPS rule of thumb is going to continue to be Mastery>Agility>Haste> and going for the Hit and Expertise caps where possible. I see a lot of Strength gear floating around with lots of mastery on it, I am guessing that will be desirable as well.

Cataclysm definitely looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. I plan on jumping right in and I have already purchased the digital download.

Another notable is that in a 10 player raid, only 1 battle rez can be used per attempt. This will impact my 10 man right off the bat as we had 1 lock and 2 druids. Yes, Soulstone counts as a battle rez. After the rez counter hits 1, meaning someone actually accepted an in battle rez, trying another will net you an error that the spell is not available.

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