A Great Kitty Gear Tool

I wanted to let everyone know about a great working gear tool for Feral Druid DPS.

Take a gander at Ask Mr. Robot.

This tool is similar to RAWR but available online in a web interface. You will need to install Microsoft Silverlight for it to work.

Let me start by saying why I am pimping this tool on my site.

You can run a simulated battle by pushing the simulate button and it will give you your theoretical DPS based on the latest and greatest Feral Kitty Theorycraft models.

In my particular case after importing in my gear the Simulation reported back my theoretical DPS of 10,419.6 +/- 56.8.

Now take a look at my Normal Mode Saurfang fight, which is a completely stationary fight and a good way to test your DPS max.

6 DPS off from the projection… WOW!

Now there is a trick to getting this to work correctly.

Instructions for using Ask Mr. Robot

  1. Import Your Character from the armory in your raiding gear. You need to log out of WOW with the right gear on.
  2. Settings button – enter your Latency and the length of the fight. Leave the rest at default.
  3. Buffs buttons at the top – Select CUSTM and then use the fill boxes below to pick your food, flask, and the buffs you will get during the fight. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you don’t know all the buffs you will be getting use the MMO-Champion Raid Comp Calculator found HERE.
  4. Leave the ROTATION set to Auto. It does the perfect kitty rotation which hopefully by now you know and understand. If you do not use the latest Feral By Night Addon from Curse or a custom Ovale script. (Ovale is like FBn but allows easy to understand user tweaks to the underlying IF(Then) code and works for all classes). IMHO, use FBn if you are new to kitty dps until you learn more about the fights and your particular style of play. You could theoretically create a custom Ovale script for EACH fight, I have a life so I don’t do that.
  5. TALENTS – If your talents are not 00/55/16 or really close to it you are doing something wrong or you logged out in the wrong spec.
  6. MAJOR GLYPHS – Shred, Rip, SRoar. If it’s anything else you aren’t doing it right. (Unless you glyph switch between fights, this is a pro strategy that I am not going to cover at this time… mainly because I can’t afford it)

For now this really looks like the best tool for gearing up your feral kitty. A new RAWR (Version 3) is on the horizon as well, when it is officially released I will announce it on the site and let people know.

They say the first step is to admit you have a problem.

Yes, I have to come clean. I am a FeralByNight addict.

Now before you banish me to the land of feral posers let me explain why I just can’t stop using this addon.

I absolutely love the fact that there is some mathematical formula that lets me know when to FB and when to not.

Yes, it is simple as that folks.

For those that don’t know what the addon FeralByNight is, it uses some underlying math on feral DPS mechanics that makes suggestions of what your next attack should be in your DPS rotation. You can find it’s homepage HERE.

Some would consider an addon like this cheating, or facerolling, or whatever the kids are calling it these days but I am here to tell you it just doesn’t work that way.

If berserk is available it constantly spams in your face to use berserk. We all know there are right times to pop berserk and wrong times and the addon can’t tell this to you.

On the same note we know to maximize DPS there are times where getting a rip or rake in early, or an FB late eeks you out a little more damage.

Bottom line FeralByNight is showing you what you should do next in a completely stationary fight such as Patchwerk in Naxx. (XT is a similar situation but I find myself getting away from the MT when I get bombed so it’s not completely stationary.)

What FeralByNight does do for me is keep track of when my rake and rip need to be reapplied, when my savage roar needs to be replenished, and when I get a clearcasting proc. Of course there are other addons that can give you this information as well but the fact that FeralByNight helps me decide when to use FB in my rotation edges out the other addons. It also lets me know when it is a good time to use Tigers Fury, but honestly I never had any trouble knowing that and I am not sure it even recommends it at the right time usually since a lot of other factors can come into play that mess up the recommendation.

One thing you will have to get used to when using the addon is that depending on your latency, lag, and reaction times what is recommend can change before you get to that next keypress which is just another reason why I use it just to keep track of things for me more than a faceroll hit whatever comes up in the middle of the screen.

Granted if you are some machine and can stay still and keypress as fast as the addon can compute the math it probably will give you the best DPS imaginable but I just don’t see using it that way as realistic since there is just too much other stuff going on in boss fights to just watch the addon and press the corresponding keys.

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