Well hell, if all the other Druids are doing it…

Here is my obligatory Hunter post.

I have a horde hunter, level 66 and rising.

She currently has a White Lion (FürElise), a White Gorilla (Bumble), and my wittle pal Slurpee the white Core Hound.

True story, when I first tried out the game right around the time of the BC release my initial thoughts were to become a hunter. A Coworker of mine had leveled a hunter pre BC and had started playing again in the expansion so I asked him a very important question… Can you tame any beast in the game? I had started out as a druid because without any outside influence or information it sounded like a class that suited me, but I was really torn between that and going hunter and having a pet.

His answer… No. I believe he said that at one point they could tame elites with all their abilities but all I know is when I asked there were many pets that could not be tamed. This was a hunter deal breaker for me and he basically talked me out of the hunter role with the lack of pet options and the little stable. I was pissed however that hunters could name their pets while my Warlock alt was stuck with the same goofy ass names every summon of my demons but that is fodder for another post.

Well, later in the game my daughter wanted a horde character so we decided on a Blood Elf Hunter (she looks like a porn star) with big hoop earrings (not my choice). I have played the hunter with and without my daughter trying to get her to level 70 before the expansion.

Then WotLK is coming, the hunter changes are announced, patch 3.0 comes down the line and OMG…

Bottom line, hunters got the most love in the expansion as far as the fun factor goes. More stable slots (not enough however to keep my loyal cat and add a rhino and white dino), tons of new pets to tame with awesome abilities, Pet talent trees, and just general killing stuff OPness.

Compared to the little tweaks my feral druid has been given it hard not to switch over to the dark side and fly through Northrend with a stomping air freezing dog named after popular quicky mart drink that gives you brain freeze.

I was glad I make it a point to read BRK‘s blog daily since I had not been in a stituation yet where I needed Heart of the Phoenix. And it was nice to find out I wasn’t the only person affected by having Cower screw up a pull after reading a BBB post. Heck, even warrior bloggers are posting about their hunter exploits.

Ok, so there is my obligatory hunter post. Notice I didn’t cover anything strategy related because A. I am a hunter noob even at level 66 and B. There are MANY hunter blogs out there that tell you all you need to know.

Wait, I have 1 tip. Don’t grap a shiny new white ape at level 66 and think at level 60 it is going to hold any kind of agro in Negrand while you are unloading. Farm some leather in Hellfire while killing boars and leveling him first.

P.S. To all those new people coming into the game that are being sent to Drenden (I know you are since I have a wait time now to get into my server for the first time in over a year) you might want to roll a hunter. They are serious fun and a pretty easy class to play.

So I am a little bummed.

Logged Jacemora… Talented up, went and soloed an old world instance for the achievement. Meh, whatever.

Yes, Swiping to AoE is fun. Mangle in bear does serious damage… yadda, yadda. Reports still have us not putting out great DPS compared to the other classes even with every last point in cat talents. Bear… I don’t know, all I did was dabble with some old instances in full season gear for the armor bonus that has not been stripped yet.

Logged my Lock, Talented up in the Demon tree for Demon form… went on a Heroic run… meh. Demon form is silly. I guess it is useful to save someone if a mob gets away from the tank (which it shouldn’t these days). I don’t feel like I am doing any more damage then I was before and then you read about the fun mages and balance druids are having… bleh, my lock is not that much fun now… I might try another spec I suppose.

Logged my level 65 Horde hunter… OMG… hunters not only are so much fun now with getting exotic pets (I am running around with my white core hound Slurpee) but I am taking on 4-5 level 65 mobs with a level 60 ape without breaking a sweat.

I will say right now, had I leveled this hunter alliance I very likely would have changed mains. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t.


I have a level 70 lock… I don’t talk about her much. My daughter created her and we/I have leveled her to 70.

Last night I took her on a ZA run, full clear and with a Destro spec, crafted and Kara gear (no Tier gear or anything from 25 man raids or badge gear and only PvP S2 staff) stayed pretty competitive I thought.

I am spec Destro, sack a wentch for the buff, curse for added shadow damage, and spam either SB, seed, or banish throughout the run.

We take down the first boss (Eagle) and my DPS is so/so because I keep being flung into the air or made the storm… lol… so I had a lot of down time and didn’t quite break 1K DPS.

We take down the 2nd boss (Bear) and I am 3rd in DPS and not really that far from the leaders breaking 1K DPS.

We take down the 3rd boss (Phoenix) and I am 2nd in DPS while managing the dudes breaking eggs and seeding the adds while staying alive from the bombs.

We missed the timed chest… oh well, no big…

We take down the 4th Boss (Lynx) and I am a solid 3rd in DPS and right there with the leaders.

We take down Hex Lord and my DPS falls quite a bit since I am keeping an add on focus and rebanishing it over and over. Hurt a little with 3 priests in the group since when they get MCed they would cleanse my banish… doh.

We kill Zul’jin and my DPS falls because I die to a Lynx rush… Healthstone didn’t even make a dent as I croaked… remember, my gear is not stellar except for my Belt of Blasting… Frozen Shadow since level 70 FTW… lol

A couple points I would like to make.

1. Locks are increadibly easy compared to DPSing with a feral druid. I life tap when I need mana, I keep an eye on my Corruption DoT timer, I make sure Curse is up, I spam SB.

2. Locks are WAY more gear independant than my feral druid. No way I could have come in ZA as a feral in no badge gear, no head enchant, S2 mace, and only some bought rep peices and Kara drops with no Tier gear and been close to contributing as much as I did on my Lock.

Because of stuff like this and having to share rogue gear now I start to consider changing my main to my lock which really sucks since she has not even ran 1 Herioc… not 1. She has no Outland rep to exaulted except for Scryer.

Again, she is breaking 1K DPS in a 10 man and really didn’t have to do shit to get there. I had to grind my ass of on my druid, spend tons of badges and gold, get all kinds of rep… ugh.

Now I am going into Wrath, I am going to be sharing leather with rogues, I have to choose between specs to either MT or DPS, I have no clue if being an OT/DPS will still be possible and even if it were now I have to juggle energy regaining abilites, lose what was the best Tier bonus in the game (2T4), and possible add more attacks/casts into both my tanking and DPSing rotations. So now I might be timing Mangle, rake, shred, rip, Fury, bezerker… you get the point.

Do I really want to put myself through even more min/max gear and playstyle when I could just level my lock and roll into the first raids with some crafted crap and top the DPS meters by spamming 1 or 2 spells?

I just don’t know.

I guess I could just spec resto and be done with it. I think I am going to bounce between Tanking spec and Resto spec that way I can always find a group for a 5 man while getting to 80.

If my lock didn’t look like a craigslist special of the week maybe I would think differently.

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