So, wouldn’t you know right after my thoughts on 4T11

Enough information is out that leads me to believe 4T11 and reforging to Haste might be all the rage come 4.2.

Due to the strength to AP conversion nerf and subsequent bleed non buff / direct attack buff I bet the 4T11 increase to AP bonus along with a full reforge to Haste might be the best way to go.

I hope I get gear in Firelands quickly enough that I don’t have to worry about it.

P.S. I am tired of the feral DPS roller coaster. Blizzard needs to figure out what we are already and stick with it.

Blizzard gifith… and taketh away.

Runy already has a follow up post from yesterday’s Dungeon Journal info.

Apparently there was an outcry on the inclusion of detailed fight mechanic and strategy  information in the Dungeon Journal (henceforth called the DJ).

I am by no means an Elitest raider type… I am pretty sure people know that by now that have read my blog. I am fortunate to be a part of a good group of guys and gals that progress through content so I get to see and beat most if not all encounters when they are relevant, difficult, and entertaining.

I have some thoughts on the news now that Blizzard is going to be taking back some information initially provided in the DJ:

  1. People will still get the information by leaving the game and going to one of the multiple sites giving info, strategy, and tips.
  2. This information will be gated by the hard core raiding guilds as usual. They are the first to down content and the first to provide strategy tips.
  3. This will make people happy that like to learn about encounter strategy and mob abilities on the fly. Lets face it, that is part of the entertainment of a new encounter. Although we go into new fights having a rough idea of what to expect we rarely go in having watched video or creating detailed strategy and positioning before hand. It is one of the reasons we take a little longer to progress but it is much more entertaining to learn fights ourselves and find our own way of doing things.
  4. The DJ won’t be very useful beyond Wowhead if all it does is document boss and mob abilities as that information is data mined WAY ahead of time.

Lets hope they find a way to balance or phrase strategy tips with the fun of discovery. If all it is are abilities I will be disappointed. At least throw people a bone and detail some trash mechanics and leave bosses as the mystery. It only takes a wipe or 2 anyway to figure out trash and honestly learning trash mechanics is not very fun. (For the love of God Blizz, have the damn elementals in the Ascendant Council room stand still in groups of 2 already. Worst dumb trash time sink mechanic ever)

It’s too cold… and other nerfage.

It’s so cold in my office (we have no heat… it’s Florida… long story) that my Overclock on my E6600 is running 10 degrees cooler on each core than normal and my GPU is running 10 degrees cooler as well.

I can’t feel my feet.

I am looking forward to tonight. We downed Magmaw, ODS, and Halfus Tue night and were able to get Valiona & Theralion to I think 20%ish? They will fall tonight and my guess is we will then take a look at Throne of the Four Winds.

Tuesday night Malevolence dropped but I passed to our hunter… (long story). It made me start thinking though about that age old (Ok, only since Wrath) question: Hunter gear or Kitty gear? My thoughts is that with FAP no longer being present on weapons and our damage being tied to weapon damage it should be Kitty first then Hunter. I mean for a hunter it is a stat stick, and they have single handed options (Blizz, be fair and let druids dual wield swords, axes, and the like…. ok, jk… or not, I mean how does a hunter duel wield axes while shooting a bow… seriously.) where for us one of the biggest upsides to the upgrade is the weapon damage itself. Good news, I am sure we will be killing these easy bosses every week at least until we have no upgrades left from them and we start looking at saves… so it’s not like I won’t pick this up sometime soon.

By now most people have most likely heard about the incoming feral/druid PvP nerfs… and PvE nerf… that we can no long shift out of movement impairing effects… and of course all the new cast times, durations, and limits. Honestly I am sick of PvP changes impacting my PvE enjoyment. Not having instant roots with the glyph sucks as I was really enjoying that aspect of feral in 5 man’s and raids. Not being able to shift out of Static Cling fighting Asaad just flat out sucks.

As far as these changes to feral and PvP and the changes to all the classes… it looks to me that Blizzard is trying to shorten the time investment of arena… which is hard to complain about, but I think we just got regulated to CC and bear duty as a feral. We will just get destroyed as a kitty IMHO. Well at least we had some time as viable PvP in feral form, I guess all druids will go back to resto/boom for PvP. Honestly, a good feral in arena (not that I ever was one) had gotten to be quite a bother so not surprised at all of the changes.

Bad news for Ferals?

a new blue post…

  • Even after we fixed their mastery, Feral druid bleeds still do a lot of damage and are undispellable. We plan to shift some of that damage back to main attacks.

This is most certainly bad news. I really thought Blizzard had done the right thing moving the majority of feral damage back to bleeds but now it sounds like PvP concerns having them shifting some back. This will almost certainly change the models we use now to determine gearing.

Depending on how severe the shift, things like Hit and Exp might surpass Mastery until they are capped…. Agility will still be stat numero uno of course.
/sigh… I was really liking my damage.

Join the BBQ

If you want join the conversation about how badly we were nerfed…


P.S. If you want to do more DPS than you are in Kitty, just go with a tanking spec and bear form. Apparently Bear tanks are beating most other melee in DPS right now when tanking… lol

P.S.S I think I am going to work on my balance spec tonight and blow some stuff up… pew, pew

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