Another Feral Druid blog gone?

Yet another feral druid leaving the raiding scene and the blog ranks.

Monedula is calling it quits.

So what is going on with all these feral druids no longer wanting to raid?

I too am starting to lose my motivation as well. As much as I would like to see the end of Ulduar it is looking less and less likely as we have trouble filling more than 1 night with full time raiders. On a good week we might get a good night and a half of raiding which just doesn’t cut it. With my son turning 2 this month I am not overly upset about raiding less but I do miss playing the game and working to the end of an instance. I am starting to strongly consider focusing on a 10 man raid format in leiu of 25 man raiding but I am going to hold off and see if some new recruits can infuse the life we need to progression raid again in 25. If I decide to focus on a 10 man I am not sure if my current guild can support that or want me along as I think they already have a 10 man established group already on off raid nights.

Tagged by the Think Tank for a screenshot…

Ok, so here it is. My 6th screen shot taken in Jan of 2008. Kalon from Think Tank pinged me for this so of course I quickly obliged.

This is me and my pet fish Frankie waiting outside SSC… and you thought roller skating Fel Reavers were cool… lol

To my surprise this little guy would evade all attempts to join me in SSC or let me take him back to Shat in a fishbowl for my orphan.

Unfortunately I was unable to find any screenshots prior to this date in a timely fashion but I might get some time to shift through some old hard drives and see what 6th shot nugget I might have from my original WOW install back in 2007.

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