Blue Post

Blue confirms what I have said in many posts.

This is in reference to what I have stated in the past about guilds having established MT’s. I found it ironic to see a GC (GhostCrawler) post out there saying just about word for word what I had said in the past.

HERE is the entire post.

And here is the excerpt:

There are A LOT of warrior tanks. They are tanking every fight in Ulduar. If warriors were too low and if we buffed them, I don’t see how that would increase the numbers on the other tanks. I don’t think the conclusion to be drawn is that warriors are overpowered. I think the conclusion to be drawn is that warriors were the traditional tank and lot of established guilds have established MTs who see no reason to reroll the FotM.

I should say this however… Coming from a guild with a established warrior MT I would like to see them buffed 😉

That way I could DPS more… Tanking Hodir and Ignis makes my arm hurt… and then I am tired for tanking Thorim trash.

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