I have nothing exciting nor interesting to post really.

Still working on Heroic Rags.

I am going to assume everyone has heard about Pandaville. I am excited about the Monk class. I am not excited about leveling another toon from level 1, however my 5 year old will get a kick (no pun intended) on sitting on my lap and helping me level a Panda Monk (If it is still available Po). I think the baby pets game could be fun while not doing anything else in game or waiting for a raid to start. Blizzard probably added this so everyone could feel like a hunter without having to play SWTOR. If it slows down 5 man pugged instances any slower than they already are I am going to puke. I like the speed rated 5 mans, something fun I think. I like the idea of gear with no stats as rewards for transmorg use.

I have no plans on Race changing to a Panda, of course with that awesome racial I might be reconsidering when progression raiding starts… if they allow Druid Panda’s…. which is unlikely and I assume already not in the plans because it would mean new artwork for Panda Druid forms… well, maybe not bear form… duh.

I am not totally sold on the 4T12 bonus of extending Berserk and I honestly wonder if 2T12 with offset and more shreds < 25% would be better. I do agree that capping Expertise and Hit is worth doing, maybe even with just 2T12. I dunno, I might start playing with my setups some.

I ditched herbalism for leatherworking. So now I am enchanting and leatherworking… fun.

I might do a little raiding tomorrow night in the PTR. Will report back if this actually happens.

Leaps and Bounds

Still finding a renewed excitement raiding as I have now been fortunate enough to complete BWD on Heroic, Almost all of BOT on Heroic (Still need Heroic Valiona & Theralion which is a simple formality) and I am currently working on Heroic Sinestra (Most likely another formality as the guild has already done and knows the fight) and Heroic Ragnaros.

Hopefully we find some time for Heroic Throne of the Four Winds, which sounds possible as the RL and Co GM makes it sound like the last thing we want to do is spend too much time on Heroic Rags.

I have been fortunate with gear and all I have left outside of Heroic Rag drops…

Basically right now I am running a 4T12 set with non Heroic gloves and using Heroic Helm offset item. Because of running 4T12 I am reforging into Hit/Expertise to the cap and Haste above all else. Technically this is the way to go running 4T12, if you are not in 4T12 it’s best to maximize Mastery in reforge wherever possible and ignore Hit/Expertise caps just like the old days.

Blizzard selling Gold? Well, Sort Of.

So Blizzard has announced that they will be selling (For Real Monies) a pet that is not Bound. You will be able to sell it on the AH. So people will be able to buy the pet for real money and then turn around in game and sell it for gold if they like.


Obviously this is not a perfect or guaranteed $ to Gold conversion as no one knows what the value of the pet will be in Gold or what the demand for it will be. I am guessing though it won’t take long to find out and the conversion will begin.

I really don’t know how I feel about this, but in a sense it feels a little dirty.


Scored big time last night getting Corrupted Egg of Millagazor!

I am totally loving Requiem. Great group of people all very good at the game, relaxed and laid back atmosphere, willing to work at achievements and progression… I can’t say enough of how nice it is when you find a guild that is just the right fit of personalities, play style, ability, commitment, hours, days, etc.

I consider myself lucky that I have been part of quite a few guilds during my WOW days that fit this description but even more so now especially with how many people continue to leave the game.

We had 4 achievements last night to get. The hardest was getting Do a Barrel Roll! We were able to get all 4 pieces, on 25 man no less, but it took some tries. Not an Ambi-Turner was a one shot, just kept turning him Right. Bucket List took a few as we kinda lost a little discipline (Reads kiting tank pulled turtles – <3 U Hewty!). Death from Above we one shot, not hard at all really.

Already having fun in Requiem!

So I faction transferred on Friday to Horde and Raided on Sunday…. We worked on Heroic Baleroc and Heroic Beth’tilac for a little bit before closing out the week with some normal 25’s which was a TON of fun for me having been raiding only 10’s since downing the Lick King on Heroic late in Wrath.

We also got in a Heroic Majordomo Staghelm kill which has ended up on Video…

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It has the ability to watch full screen in 1080p no less where you can see my name in the raid frame and my flaming kitty butt jumping around.

We also downed Ragnaros in Regular 25’s

Supposedly the nerfs have really made it all a lot easier though but since I have not raided with these folks or in 25’s it was hard for me to really know since they are all very good to begin with. We one shot Heroic Domo and Normal Rags and the Raid leader sounded pretty happy with that considering a bunch of new raiders in the raid.

I was lucky and scored some new upgrades… Sandals of Leaping Coals, Widow’s Kiss, and Shoulderpads of the Forgotten Gate.

I didn’t die to anything stupid and managed not to wipe the raid so hopefully I get to see some more action this evening, will update as my new adventure as a Horde player unfolds.

On that note, just an FYI…. If you transfer to Horde you have to go and get your portals to Vash and Twilight Highlands again…. was kinda a pain in the arse.

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