You can’t tell me this doesn’t sound like fun

The Isle of Conquest Preview

This battle ground sounds like an absolute blast.

You know what, I am going to try my damnedest to get a 40 man coop going between the 3 guilds I have level 80 toons in.

So here is a shout out to Simplicity, Aetherial Circle, and Knight Watch… lets get 40 people together 1 night a week and have some fun at the Isle!

The changes just keep coming in…

Here are some changes on the horizon that made me take notice.

  1. Cast times for mounting has been reduced from 3 sec to 1.5. (If this ever becomes instant I might actually want to collect flying mounts)
  2. The Flame Leviathan encounter has received the following changes: the bonus health Flame Leviathan receives per tower has been reduced, the ejection height from Flame Leviathan has been reduced, the snare effect of the Tower of Frost has been removed, and the cannons on Demolishers and Siege Engines should now break Flash Frozen vehicles in 1 shot. (I am thinking FL with at least Tower of Frost up has just become the norm)
  3. A new zeppelin route is being added in Thunder Bluff and will transport players to Orgrimmar. (My level 67 BELF Hunter hates you Blizzard.)
  4. All new portals coming to Stormwind and Orgrimmar. These portals will transport players directly to the Stair of Destiny at the Dark Portal. Players will then find that a new connecting flight path exists at the Stair of Destiny allowing players new to Outland easy and direct access to the city of Shattrath. (Just add portals in all the major cities already with level requirements, only noobs should have to hang out in Old Azeroth!)
  5. The old models for cat and bear form will go away in patch 3.2. (Get your screenshots now while you still can)
  6. FREE PET AVAILABLE (Don’t forget to register and get your free in game BATTLEBOT!)

Ok, so that last one was more of just a reminder…


From MMO Champion…

Item – Druid T8 Feral 2P Bonus (Class: Druid) — The periodic damage dealt by your Rake, Rip, and Lacerate abilities has a chance to cause you to enter a Clearcasting state.

This is HUGE!

To refresh your memory the old 2T4 Proc returned 20 energy. This will basically give you a free special on your next attack which as we all know is more than 20 energy.

Depending of course on the proc rate and internal CD this is potentially a bigger deal than the old 2T4 proc and I am sure everyone remembers what a huge deal this was. It was OP enough that Blizzard had to remove the 2T4 bonus @ 80 and scale back the proc rate after level 70 to make sure we stopped wearing 2T4 as we went into Wrath content.

I would assume with the proc happening from periodic damage it will happen a little less and that they are going to make sure through the proc rate that it is not as OP as the old 2T4 but as a feral druid this bonus has to get you excited about wearing T8 4 sure.

And look at the 4 piece bonus…

Item – Druid T8 Feral 4P Bonus (Class: Druid) — Increases the duration of Savage Roar and Survival Instinct by 8 sec.

This is one happy Hybrid Feral Druid (Soon to be dual spec Tank/DPS feral druid). I mean I have been really happy with my Tanking and DPSing ability since going with a Hybrid build, check it out… top 5 on Thaddius last night (WTB Ret Pally Nerf 😛 or DK faceroll ability :P)

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