Heroic Ultraxion 25 Down!

Brutal, just brutal.

The DPS race on this one is so tight we have continually just missed it over and over from either simple mistakes and people dying and disconnects. Basically the only way we could get it down was just to have one death and a fast battle rez…. and don’t get me started about how I can’t use shred… seriously, WTF?

I can shred to my hearts content on Deathwing without a positional requirement but not on this fight. GG Blizzard, gimp ferals on the first DPS check in Heroics in DS, we love you too. Yes, I know rogues got shortchanged as well but they get a legendary so it’s a wash.

Anyway, basically as a feral to maximize DPS for this fight you switch Berserk glyph for mangle glyph to boost mangle damage. I have tried both reforging to haste, hit, expertise (Ultraxion doesn’t parry so just enough expertise to avoid dodges) and also to mastery, crit, hit… and so on and so forth, very little change… about none really.

So basically do your best to minimize time out of the Twilight but without cutting it so close you die. Try to max your bleed uptimes which shouldn’t be too tough either. Basically with very little Heroic gear I consistently put out about 35K DPS.

This week we finally start working on Yor’sahj the Unsleeping Heroic. Should be fun.

Heroic Hagara 25 Down!

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Was a ton of fun getting this down. Overall a pretty enjoyable fight.

We are now 2/8 in 25 man Heroic DS and will definitely get to 3/8 or 4/8 this week.

We are still looking for a couple of DPS, Healers, and a Tank/DPS…. probably looking for 3-5 more players to make sure we can keep progression rolling and avoid a night where 1-2 missing raiders pushes us back… again…

Anyone interested in joining a strong, fun 25 man raiding guild APPLY

Deathwing Down

In the first week of Normal Dragon Soul we downed Deathwing.

As easy as that makes this final raid of an expansion sound our guild is pretty darn good, however I will say the normal content in this raid is easier than I would have expected. I am going to assume Heroic is going to be extremely tough.

It seems to me more than ever that Heroics are the new normals, normals are the new easy, and LFR is just a loot pinata or as another guildy put it, a fancy target dummy. I have yet to do a LFR but it sounds like they are pretty successful so I hope to get my Alt Hunter in one soon.

Right now I am working on my Alt Hunters transmorg set. She is a blood elf so I can have some fun there. It is not much fun doing a Transmorg on a druid cow… but I can fire kitty so whatever.

The new Darkmoon Faire is… well… disappointing. Maybe I am missing something but it seems to me that was a complete waste of dev time. Sorry Dev’s, sometimes you lay an egg and well I call it as I see it. The local is neat as well it’s design but the games and the whole concept seems lame to me.

As a side note for those kitties that have not done the last fight in Dragon Soul, everything can be shred from the front. Don’t know why it was so easy to do this for this fight but not for some of the previous but whatever… probably needed time to work on the faire 😛

A lot of gamers I know are going to be playing SWTOR. Not sure if I am going to have time for that while raiding Heroic DS and farming my hunters last fer transmorg items but I will prob get into it before the MoP expansion.

A note on Transmorg, it can be fun and addicting. Download the WOW Model Viewer and start making sets. It is interesting to see how easy and hard making a nice matching set can be. The one I am working on now had only one option in the pant slot from a quest back in Northrend. Lucky for me I had not done it before. I recommend starting with a favorite weapon or weapons and moving on to a set that compliments it/them.

Semi excited about Feral Kitty in MoP

Ok, just in case… MoP = Mist of Pandaria

Lets take a look at the new talents available, and let me start by saying it’s weird to have a bunch of talents to choose from that don’t necessarily give any kind of advantage to my main role as a damage dealer. Here is a LINK to the full descriptions of every talent.

The first choice is between Feline Swiftness, Displace Beast, and Tireless Pursuit. I think the constant 20% increase to speed while in cat form is a no brainer here, the others look more useful for PvP. Granted there might be particular PvE boss encounters that might favor one of the others but in general I think FS is the way to go.

The next level we choose between Nature’s Swiftness, Renewal, and Cenarion Ward. Let me say that I like the last option the best as it gives us the ability of an instant cast HoT while in Cat form. This screams raid utility to me and from a kitty that prides himself on helping the raid beyond just dealing damage I like the difference this could make in a PvE encounter.

Next we choose between Faerie Swarm, Mass Entaglement, and Typhoon. I think here Typhoon will be what I choose, an in Cat form knockback… SWEET! Faerie Swarm is replacing FF and depending on raid comp might be needed instead but I raid 25 man I am going to wager the debuff can be applied by someone else. The ME talent might be useful in certain encounters but is not castable in Cat form so I kinda don’t like it.

The next level we have Wild Charge, Incarnation, and Force of Nature. From a shear DPS vantage point I kinda like Force of Nature if the trees do high damage. It’s castable in Cat form and easy DPS. The other 2 talents sound similar with one having a charge component and the other one not. Wild Charge seems pretty dumb actually, It puts me behind the boss and lets me ravage without a positioning requirement… ah… yeah, ok. Incarnation looks the best, which allows ravages from behind without the need of being in stealth. It looks like with this talent we would open with berserking and ravaging our butts off with the 50% increase to crit with ravage at boss health above 80%…. interesting.

The next level is my first disappointment. 2 of the 3 choices are basically for bear as using them puts us into bear form automatically. So we choose from Demo Roar, Bear Hug, and Ursol’s Vortex. I am so picking UV here, not that as a kitty we have much choice. It’s an AoE grip usable in Cat form. That is just sick OP if you think about it. In PvE we get to suck mobs to us and swipe… I freaking love it. It makes us an adds magnet (or lets us pick a spot for the magnet) for 15 seconds. Honestly this is probably an awesome raid utility on fights with a pesky add phase.

Our last selection at level 90 is a complete disappointment. Heart of the Wild, Master Shapeshifter, Distanglement. HotW is most likely the given as it takes Hit to 100% and gives us an INT boost from agility which will improve our utility heals. The other 2 look very PvP centric.

The last cool thing to note, and I don’t know how the heck they are going to actually get this to work in game is Symbiosis. Basically we get to target another player and grab an ability belonging to that targets class within the limits of our specialization. This has buggy written all over it imho. Our target gets one of our abilities, also based on our spec. It sounds pretty cool as we get the special for an hour and it lasts through death so basically we will be doing this before a fight starts but I might see where a mid fight application might prove useful. If we get to use this attack in kitty form I say cool, Kitty Pyro? Kitty Chain Lightning? Ok, probably not since we would have to be in boom spec for that I would guess. So Kitty FoK / Swipe AoE craziness? Lots of possibilities here and I am sure some leet guild will figure out some way to exploit this running a party of half druids to down some heroic boss.

All in all, I guess these changes have the ability to drastically change the way we play our kitty. The question is do we use this stuff? Does it matter in terms of DPS? Will it make playing more fun? My guess is at first playing might be more entertaining but in the end if my damage sucks I won’t be happy.

I have nothing exciting nor interesting to post really.

Still working on Heroic Rags.

I am going to assume everyone has heard about Pandaville. I am excited about the Monk class. I am not excited about leveling another toon from level 1, however my 5 year old will get a kick (no pun intended) on sitting on my lap and helping me level a Panda Monk (If it is still available Po). I think the baby pets game could be fun while not doing anything else in game or waiting for a raid to start. Blizzard probably added this so everyone could feel like a hunter without having to play SWTOR. If it slows down 5 man pugged instances any slower than they already are I am going to puke. I like the speed rated 5 mans, something fun I think. I like the idea of gear with no stats as rewards for transmorg use.

I have no plans on Race changing to a Panda, of course with that awesome racial I might be reconsidering when progression raiding starts… if they allow Druid Panda’s…. which is unlikely and I assume already not in the plans because it would mean new artwork for Panda Druid forms… well, maybe not bear form… duh.

I am not totally sold on the 4T12 bonus of extending Berserk and I honestly wonder if 2T12 with offset and more shreds < 25% would be better. I do agree that capping Expertise and Hit is worth doing, maybe even with just 2T12. I dunno, I might start playing with my setups some.

I ditched herbalism for leatherworking. So now I am enchanting and leatherworking… fun.

I might do a little raiding tomorrow night in the PTR. Will report back if this actually happens.

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