OMG. I can’t remember being this excited…

…about a weapon since wanting the Terestian’s Stranglestaff from Kara back in BC.

Now comes the Fandral’s Flamescythe!

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Blizzard… smart move if you are trying to get feral druids REAL excited about this expansion. I honestly can’t wait to get this sucker… my guess is however I will relive the Stranglestaff curse and it will take FOREVER to actually fall for me.


Incentives to Tank?

Just a quick shout out to the Blizzard folks that may or may not read my blog.

As everyone knows by now when using the LFG tool for 5 mans, if you are a tank you get a chance at getting some extra loot for filling a role of need.

It sucks that it takes something like this to get more Tanks in the Q. Also, it seems that the newness of the perk has already worn off as I am back to 45 minute wait times as a DPS.

So why do we have the issue in the first place?

  1. It’s harder to lead. Tanks are expected to lead and few really want that responsibility with strangers.
  2. It’s less fun than DPS and healing. I would agree at the possibility it is less fun than DPS but no more so than healing and finding healers seems fine which takes us back to point 1.
  3. Having to change or tweak/Change specs constantly.

To fix #1, add a NPC guide that leads the instance. They mark and call for CC on the mobs that need it and give a packaged description of each boss. The NPC can be dismissed from the run by the tank and leader.

It’s hard to fix #2. They have constantly been working on making Tanking fun. I believe the only thing left they could do is add a kiting component to tanking somehow. Personally I have fun tanking. I would almost say it is just as engaging as DPS and the largest difference is #1, the responsibility. Yes, I know we already have some kiting… I meant more of a permanent mechanic that allows kiting in order to minimize damage when you have a healer or DPS that are inexperienced. CD’s are great for that “Oh Crap” moment but doesn’t allow the skill of the individual player to really shine in minimizing damage for the duration of combat.

#3. Give classes that can tank a 3rd Spec. I tell you right now I would tank a 5 man every night If I had a tanking spec. Right now I have a Feral DPS spec and a Balance DPS spec. Some people have a spec specifically for raiding encounters and have to change it a little to run 5 mans. My feral Spec is Hybrid and has tanking in mind because I tank adds on Nef and Mal. I have a boom spec specifically for Cho. I am not going to respec every few days I order to run 5 mans. I would rather watch TV and sit in the Q… and I consider myself a pet and mount collector… and I still won’t tank because it’s a hassle (see 1 and 3).

Solve #3 and I am willing to lead. Stop sucking the fun out of the game Blizzard and give us Hybrid classes another Spec already.


Swipe is awesome but…

Am I the only feral that can’t swipe Cho’gall oozes? When I get up to them and swipe I only ever hit 1. I honestly don’t think this is a distance issue either… I swear it is a bug. Is there a kitty that has had success hitting more than one ever? I could have sworn last week I made sure to really get up in them to test my theory and I still only hit the one I was targeting.

Amazing what a 3rd night can do.

So we added a 3rd night of raiding this week and it paid off.

Al’Akir down!

We typically only raid 5-6 hours per week and although we can get through all our farm content in that time we found it difficult to get over the hump on both Al’Akir and Nef. We finally got Nef down too it seems (<20% wipe) and we will most likely extend the lockout to assure it happens before our MT goes on vacation.

Al’Akir is not a horrible fight it just takes 100% perfection from everyone in all phases… lol.

P.S. Start phase 3 at the top and work your way down, it made all the difference in the world… I mean a change to that way and on the 2nd try have no one die and kill the boss difference.

A big congratulations to the crew that was there, especially our uber DPSing Pally that healed the fight while hating every minute of it.

On that note, I had someone “in game” mail me about our tank opening. Sent you back a mail, read it if you get a chance… and by the way, can you tank for us Tue night 7:45 server to show the group what you can do? Oh, and yeah, you will be tanking Nef. Oh, and if you know a healer and some DPS that would like to do some successful raiding let me know… oh, I kinda have a plan… it’s in the game mail.

Some kitty Al’kir tips…

  • Go crazy in phase 1 because you most likely won’t get to use shred in phase 2. Personally I will push to move some DPS to his backside with a healer but I don’t think we are doing this fight again until we do it on heroic.
  • In phase 2 just do whatever you are told and don’t die.
  • In phase 3 just do what DPS you can while mangle spamming.

Honestly this fight sucks as kitty and as soon as my boom gear is up to snuff I will be changing DPS specs for this fight.

Heroic Hal Vid and short explination

Here is our video from our Heroic Hal kill. Note I am tanking Skull. I set X as my focus and when Skull is at about 10% of health remaining I taunt X off one of our tanks. I tank X until he dies and I then switch to kitty and DPS down the remaining Drake and then Hal. If I hear our main tanks having a problem I might even taunt earlier and blow a couple CD’s (Barkskin, SI).

You will not hear me talk in the video but you will hear some of my guild mates as mumble was giving me issues (mumble is hic version of vent running on a Ti99 somewhere in the south ;))

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