3/7 in Firelands… and other news.

So Sunday night we rocked and downed 2 more bosses in Firelands. Down went Beth’tilac and Lord Rhyolith.

Beth the Spider went down pretty easy with a slight change in strategy. We only sent 1 melee DPS (me) up with a healer and a tank. This allowed adds to be controlled easily down below. It looks like they fixed the issue with people disconnecting when falling down the center hole up top but since I take such little fall damage in Cat form I continued to just jump down meteor holes instead. The one time I went down the center hole it was a wipe anyway and I just wanted to confirm it was fixed. One jump down is not a good set of tests but since I didn’t DC I will give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt.

Rhy was a serious pushover for us Sunday night after spending the whole night Tue working on him. They fixed the amount of damage needed to turn him in 10 man which allowed us to be successful with a 2 tank setup and 2 melee steering him. We two shot him but ranged did save our ass to do it as he almost got to drinking at the island perimeter. Had ranged not jumped in for some added DPS on the right foot we would have wiped.

Making short work of these two gave us quite a bit of practice time on Alysrazor.

Alysrazor has some seriously epic trash you need to clear before starting the encounter. 2 casters are channeling to 2 big birds. Kill the casters but as soon as you start the pull have 2 people run to each bird and jump on their heads. These players can now control the birds. Use their attack to destroy eggs on the ground while the raid kills hatchlings in the center of the room. Once all the eggs are destroyed turn the birds on each other until one or both are dead. When you are left with one bird the raid can quickly down that one as it is controlled and attacking nothing away from the raid.

I won’t cover the strategy for Alysrazor until we down her.

I am the person jumping up and flying doing the rings and DPSing her in the air. It’s pretty challenging and I think my best attempt I put out about 25-30K damage. I am thinking it might be better for a caster to do it because in order to see and get the rings you have to be quite a bit behind the boss which seemed to drop me out of range from time to time where a caster would not have an issue. It probably makes the most sense to have the highest DPS person of your group be the one to go up (as long as it is not a pet class).

The new dailies are not terrible. They go pretty fast. It is important to do them everyday if you are interested in the gear that will be unlocked as dedication will still have you taking over a month to unlock all the vendors.

That is about it for now as we forge ahead in Firelands I will continue to update.

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