Fire Kitty!

So after weeks of trying…

GM: Hey Jace, could you come in for Majordomo? We will be bringing in another healer for Rags, so just the one fight.
Jace: Uh, Yeah! I just want that dang staff!

One shot Domo and Boom, finally, on my 8th kill (I really thought I had killed him more than this) I finally recieved Fandral’s Flamescythe.

My lack of posting is due to not playing much or being at the edge of progression like I have in the past. My 10 man raid team broke up, again, geesh. So I am now basically just raiding when one of our 2 10 man groups need a fill.

I most likely will get re-invigorated when T13 raiding releases as well as finally getting to bank my old Tier sets.

Back in the Tanking Game

So…. Last night in Vent I committed to becoming my 10 man raid teams OT/MT (Depends on the fight of course)

I have to say I am actually pretty excited about this.

I tanked quite a bit back in BC… most of it actually.
I tanked at the beginning of Wrath (Did all of Naxx and most of Ulduar).
I shifted to Kitty DPS for the end of Wrath (That is what my 10 man team at the time needed).
I have obviously started Cata as Kitty/Boom DPS.

But now it is time for my game face and reading every last detail of how to tank in Cata.

Hopefully going to lead off tonight against Beth’tilac, most likely up top while the pally tank controls adds down low.
Then off to Shannox, probably tanking Rip.

Both fights sound relatively easy and fun…. a good way to break back into being a full time bear.

Last night I used RAWR and Mr. Robot to try and get my gear, chants, gems up to speed. These 2 don’t always agree…

Questions for you bears out there….

  1. Tsanga’s Helm or Membrane of C’Thun
  2. How important is 2T11 and/or 4T11? Neither RAWR or Mr. Robot seem to care much about the bonus.
  3. Depending on #2 is my answer for #3… Do I use T11 gloves, shoulders, pants, and chest or do I use offset where it is better?
  4. Delicate Inferno Ruby or Solid Ocean Sapphire
  5. Reforge Mastery or Dodge? Obviously when I can’t reforge mastery I do dodge but what about when I have the choice?

Just looking for some opinions as all the reading I have done sounds like people are split on a lot of these. Doesn’t seem like the community has a clear cut strategy for gemming/chanting/gearing that I had grown accustomed too in the past.

I look forward to updating everyone tomorrow on my experience in the tanking seat tonight.

A quick unscientific post on 4T11

So I did finally try out 4T11 for the bonus.

Here is my personal opinion based on feel and watching the meters.

I didn’t like it.

Here are the following setups I tested…

  1. 4T11 (no helm) – Reforging to mastery where possible, then haste where possible, crit when haste and mastery unavailable. – It felt fine but damage looked lower.
  2. 4T11 (no helm) – Reforging to mastery where possible, then crit where possible, haste when crit and mastery unavailable. – I instantly missed the energy from the high haste from a feel standpoint.
  3. 4T11 (no helm) – Reforging to mastery where possible, trying to hit a balance between haste and crit. – Felt better but damage still looked lower.
  4. 2T11 (gloves and pants only) – Reforging to mastery where possible, then haste where possible, crit when haste and mastery unavailable. – It felt fine but damage looked lower.
  5. 2T11 (gloves and pants only) – Reforging to mastery where possible, then crit where possible, haste when crit and mastery unavailable. – I instantly missed the energy from the high haste from a feel standpoint.
  6. 2T11 (gloves and pants only) – Reforging to mastery where possible, trying to hit a balance between haste and crit (basically I do this by not reforging gear unless I can reforge into mastery. This leaves me with some gear with haste and some with crit. Basically if I could get mastery I would give up haste first. If an item has mastery already I just leave the Crit and Haste alone on the item – Felt better than the reforging all haste to either mastery or crit strategy or the reforging all crit to haste or mastery strategy.

To me the 4T11 bonus once you factor in having to maintain it using mangle (x3) and watching something like power aura’s timer (and choosing where to clip it for a refresh which ends up necessary when you sacrifice all your expertise and hit.) just isn’t worth it. It’s a complete hassle and if it provides any gain it is too slim to want to mess with another thing to watch. Maybe if I was hit capped and expertise capped and could risk refreshing in the few seconds before it’s expiration I could see it but when sacrificing those 2 secondary stats I only felt safe refreshing it with around 10 seconds left on the buff.

The best thing to do, as I have said in the past, is try these different configurations for yourself and see how they feel and perform in your particular situation and play style.

IMHO with Firelands this close buy T11 for an offspec before worrying about filling the 4T11 bonus for feral DPS.

OMG. I can’t remember being this excited…

…about a weapon since wanting the Terestian’s Stranglestaff from Kara back in BC.

Now comes the Fandral’s Flamescythe!

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Blizzard… smart move if you are trying to get feral druids REAL excited about this expansion. I honestly can’t wait to get this sucker… my guess is however I will relive the Stranglestaff curse and it will take FOREVER to actually fall for me.


How to fix Kitty DPS?

Give us a ranged AoE like FoK… that should do it.

First let me start by saying, as a hybrid class I don’t have a problem being middle of the pack as melee DPS. Collecting the right gear, I can tank, be a healer, or even be a viable ranged DPS… so I see no reason to QQ that I don’t top the meters.

Second, lets take a look at at the front page of State of DPS and use some rational thoughts on each fight and where we sit compared to other melee (we are going to ignore ranged some what as a melee to range DPS comparison right now goes into a fight mechanics argument about how melee are currently screwed in this tier of content)

  1. Magmaw – We are getting beat by quite a few melee DPS, we are only 400DPS behind Ret Pallies or 2% behind them. Frost DK’s are #1 on this fight and a quick look at the top Frost DK on this fight in WOL shows he did 29% of his damage using Howling Blast… hmmm, numbers bolsterd by DPSing adds… what do you know. Rogues are only slightly behind the DK’s… FoK anyone? By the way, even though SoDps shows DK’s as #1 WoL has a Warrior in that spot… and a look at the parse… Shockwave at 20% of the DPS… yes, on parasites.
  2. ODS – Looking at SoDps we are 5% DPS behind Rogues and a little more behind Unholy DK which I assume are getting a benefit from having a pet on this fight… we are middle of the pack on DPS including ranged.
  3. Chimaeron – We come in tied for 2nd melee DPS on this fight and we are high even including ranged DPS. Apparently we can shred even when in front of this boss which I am sure helps. Rogues are number 1 in this fight and I bet you it is because at the end of the fight they are DPSing hard right at the end while using evasion while I am in a corner waiting for the boss to come after me so I can meld… again, just some common sense observations pertaining to the fight mechanics and what people are doing.
  4. Atramedes – We are behind here and I don’t know about everyone else but I am designated to gong and kite using dash so I have some down time in this fight… even without dash/stampede we run the fastest of the classes so I bet a lot of ferals are doing this for the group.
  5. Maloriak – We are middle of the pack including even ranged. DK’s ranked the highest melee and I will guess frost are getting extra DPS on adds but Unholy being so high is interesting… will have to investigate further cause I find it hard to believe it’s due to an edge from death coil being a ranged attack.

So for now I am going to stop… I have other things I could be doing… I have not done Nef yet myself so I prefer to wait and comment on that fight and the parses after I do. A quick look at BoT shows us middle of the pack on Council and Cho and only slightly behind that on Wyrm and Double Dragons. On Wyrm I would need to take a closer look at why we are so far behind compared to other melee but I am sure it has something to do with that fight on Heroic that I don’t know about because I have not done it on Heroic.

In conclusion, numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. There will always be fights that favor a class, a build, a talent, a glyph, ranged or melee. The one fight where we can sit and just do our thing (Chimaeron) we are at the top and even on that fight I would be surprised if we are not tossing out an innervate, a B rez, doing some end fight kiting, or popping a bark and tranquility. It would be nice to have the same opportunity to bolster our numbers from an AoE on adds during an encounter but I have to question if it is really necessary. Maybe the next Tier of content will see us rise some compared to others but if we stay middle of the pack I for one will still be happy progressing along doing my thing.

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