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Amazing what a 3rd night can do Part 2.

So we extended our raid week once again to include a third night and we downed Nef.

Things that contributed to our success…

  1. We stopped kiting Nef in phase 3. We held her in place along the east wall and everyone (except the adds tank and healer) stood between her and the wall.
  2. We pushed a pre phase 2 crackle. Not easy but needed to reduce fire in phase 3.
  3. We did not push a phase 2 crackle. With only 2 ranged it’s not the easiest thing to do anyway.
  4. We didn’t fail at interrupts in phase 2.
  5. We staggered cooldowns very well after phase 3 crackles.

The fight had been nerfed in 10’s as phase 2 damage is greatly reduced but ultimately since we didn’t push a crackle in phase 2 it really didn’t help us much.

Our guild is now 2nd in 10’s progression on server and a big Congo Rats goes out to Team Synergy for their Heroic progression this last week. Team Heraldz hopes to get some catching up done but alias we have a main healer out for the month of May so not sure how that is going to go… ugh.

4.1 has made swipe downright silly. I will be surprised if it doesn’t get nerfed soon but we can always hope it stays. Multiple 20K+ crits from swipe is pretty funny though. I pulled 72K DPS on the Sindragosa trash as we ran into ICC to knock out the LK Heroic achieve we still needed for the guild. This was using swipe and berserk.

I am liking the new 5 man encounters released this patch. It is a great way to gear up for an alternate spec and the gear level prereq’s make for less failed runs. ZA is WAY too easy IMHO if you ran it back in the BC days. The fights are the same but have been watered down for 5 mans. I was lucky and got a couple boom upgrades right away. (Helm and Shoulders, raiding has been cruel for casting leather). ZG is harder but fun.

Now that I have personally cleared all T11 normal content I can safely say the only fight where ranged vs melee balance can be an issue is on Cho. I still switch to Balance for that fight. As far as Heroics go we will see. In Heroic Hal I am a tank for drakes for the first half of the fight and we do fine with only 2 ranged. As we push forward now in BWD Heroics I will report back our success with only 2 ranged and myself as kitty and whether or not I have to run balance for us to have success.

OMG, I finished WOW.

After months of fighting and killing the Lich King on normal 10/25 man I was finally lucky enough to get the kill in Heroic 25. It’s hard to put into words how satisfying it was to finally complete that fight at that level.

Many thanks goes out to the guild officers and members in Dsylxeic for finding a way to continue on in Wrath and not only get him down the first time a couple weeks ago but to continue to go through the content each week and help those of us that were not in on the first success. I watch many guilds fall apart this close to an expansion and the job the officers have done to keep the raids happening has been awesome.

On another note, I wanted to mention how they are rewarding Invincible. Unlike a lot of hard core guilds that would probably just loot council it out, they devised a method to take each persons time invested in ICC and create piece of pie that represents commitment. Each piece has a randomly assigned range of numbers 1-1,000,000 and a roll is done to see what piece and player wins. I don’t know who thought this up but what an excellent way to fairly reward the people who you play with.

I was actually lucky enough to have my piece win last night, which has to be some kind of luck becuase I have to assume my slice is pretty darn thin (though I never really looked). I passed on the mount knowing there were quite a few players WAY more invested than I to get us to where we are now (Farming LK Hero 25) and people that having the mount would mean a whole lot more to.

Mounts are cool, but I play the game to have fun. I know many others get more satisfaction than I collecting mounts or rare game items so it didn’t make sense for me to take it. It’s the same reason I don’t have Anzu, a Tiger or Raptor mount, yada, yada, yada…. just not fun.

Beating hard content is fun, and no mount could have been more satisfying than getting Light of the Dawn accomplished.

Now the Reins of the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher… That’s a different story. That would be fun.

We are excited…

This Thursday our 10 man raid is finally getting back to LK 10 Hero attempts. It’s only going to be about 2 hours worth but hopefully it will be all we need.

We look forward to our 10 man raiding for more than just achievements and downing difficult content but because of the fun we have playing together.

Hopefully we can shake the rust off quickly but we have not done anything as our complete 10 man since sometime in early June… Woof.

Earth, Wind, & Fire

Server First!

Thanks to the GM (Selmak) of my guild Dsylxeic (Well, not my guild but the guild to which I belong),  for standing in with his DK for our fallen Warrior (his motherboard was fried).

So just an FYI to everyone out there, EW&F is not terrible at all. With current ICC gear most likely the largest problem you will have is not killing bosses too quickly. The hardest part of the encounter is timing the death and that is about it.

We went with 3 tanks, Pally, DK, and Myself (Yes, I still bear it from time to time), 3 healers (Pally, Disc Priest, Tree), and 4 DPS.

We start on Fire Dude, Misdirect him to the hallway entrance to his wing, DPS him while moving him to Stone dude. When Fire dude hits about 30% we go in on Stone Dude. When both are at about 25% I run along with 2 DPS and 1 healer to Storm dude and tank him and all the adds in the middle. 2 things I have to do…

  1. Don’t stand in Fire.
  2. Pull spawned adds of my healer.

Basically the rest is just talking in vent and coordinating their demise.

After that we moved on to Hero LK, we are now making solid progress and finally saw phase 3? The room with all the spirits… well at least 1 person did… progress none the less.

A lesson in buttons, How to switch specs and survive.


So I was inspired to write about my UI button layout.

Our resident 10 man Pally Tank had switched up to Ret and was having some issues with button presses. It occurred to me at that moment I could break down my button layout in my UI and maybe help some ferals out there new to either spec maybe layout their buttons better.

First, get Bartender addon.

Here is my Kitty map…

Lets start with the most important row… the bottom row is keybound to my number keys. I play with 4 fingers (pinky on 7, fingers running to the right 8, 9, 0.). I can reach over and mash – and = or 5 and 6… sometimes I stretch and reach 4. 1 I have 7 on my Naga mouse keybound to the 1 key just for Vamp biting, otherwise I never hit 1.

So lets look at my layout for the bottom row…

  1. Autoattack
  2. Moonfire – This is for pesky horde that try to run with 100HP left after a beat down.
  3. Ravage – Just cause
  4. Maim – Valks or trash/Horde caster interrupts.
  5. Feral Charge (Cat) – comes in handy on lots of fights, in particular Heroic Prince ICC… a Feral game changer.
  6. Rake – in the rotation
  7. Savage Roar – in the rotation
  8. Shred – in the rotation
  9. Mangle – in the rotation… sometimes… when I am unlucky… or stuck in front 🙁
  10. 0 on the bar, Rip – in the rotation
  11. – on the bar, Prowl
  12. = on the bar, Dash

So I use my right hand on the mouse for movement, and my left mostly for 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 the meat of kitty DPS rotation. Lets look at bottom bar when Prowling.

So Bartender changes my buttons when I am in Prowl mode. My favorite combo is on boss opening I mash 7 for FF and quickly hit 8 for kitty charge before bartender makes the button corrections for coming out of Prowl. I have Dash, this is for PvP purposes, pounce and the usual other Prowl openers you would expect.

Ok, lets take a look at the middle row. FYI, I mouse click anything on the top 2 rows.  I spend the bulk of my time from Cower over to barkskin. FF, Swipe, FB, TF, Berserk, and barkskin get used quite often. FR is right there on the far right in case I go bear and need some self heals (PVP or trash pulling). To the left of Cower you can see decurse which I use when needed on myself, then a macro labeled MIGHT… this is a fun macro for asking Pallies for might… we will leave it at that. Next is Abolish poison (PVP) and Challenging Roar (This should be Demo Roar, for PVP, I need to fix my bars.)

Finally the top row, from left to right…

  1. Rebirth – This gets liberal use.
  2. Hurricane – Just cause I can.
  3. Meld – Cause I like to live.
  4. NG – PVP
  5. Macro – Shift out and back into Cat (This is to break snares)

The next 5 are all healing, keeping myself or others alive in a pinch. Note that Tranquility is right above Barkskin, this is because 10/10 times you are going to Bark then Tranq.  The last is the Rocket Pack for ICC Ship.

Next post I will break down my bear bars, most importantly I change very little in the top 2 bars when in bear form or spec which makes it worlds easier to find spells when I need them regardless of form or spec. Main attacks like Mangle also don’t change so 9 in any spec of feral form is mangle.

Anyway, maybe this can benefit some people… if anyone sees a way I could be doing it better let me know… though old habits are hard to break.

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