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Pro Kitty Tips Heroic 10 ICC

So our 10 man team has now downed the Lower Spire and Blood Wing in ICC 10 Heroic modes.

For the record, we are doing this with no gear over ilvl 264 except for ICC rep ring. Also we are doing this without the benefit of Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings.

Heroic ICC is tough and not very forgiving. It takes every ounce of skill, Macro’s, tricks, tips, ETC.

I am going to go over each fight on heroic and the little things we can do as kitties besides Uber DPS (which is still important).

Lord Marrowgar

  • Use kitty leap to close the gap between yourself and people that are spiked. Sometimes you can even time this when targeted by bone storm to get out of range fast.
  • Use Dash to get through flames quickly during Bone Storm when you need to get into a better position.
  • If you get targeted by Bone Storm shift to bear and pop barkskin to help with the incoming damage.
  • If spiked in a lot of Coldflame be ready to pop barkskin right after you are released to buy some extra healing time for the healers. You might be getting released into Flame and a Bone Storm… you never know.
  • Have an innervate macro lined up for one of your healers ( /target Healyguy /Cast Innervate).
  • Have Brez ready, like most of the Heroic fights you are going to use it.

Lady Deathwhisper

  • On this fight I have the prime responsibility in phase 1 to down her shield and I use my DPS at the end on and off to time it’s removal. You don’t want adds up when the shield falls.
  • Be prepared to bounce between her and the spawning adds during phase 2. If you are getting an agro warning it is time to switch.
  • Have an innervate macro lined up for one of your healers ( /target Healyguy /Cast Innervate).
  • Brez on the ready.

Gunship Battle

  • Beg to be a cannon so you don’t fall asleep.
  • When jumping across using the rocket pack shift back to cat mid flight. Instantly target the mage, FF, Kitty leap in and get mangle up for your rogues as fast as possible.
  • Did I mention not falling asleep?

Deathbringer Saurfang

  • First get an addon called Control Freak.
  • Set up control freak for Entangling Roots.
  • Be prepared to target 1 add and click the Control Freak button to Root it in place. Make sure it is out of melee range.
  • Time the root right after a 5pt Combo move for instant roots or time it on the cast time.
  • I always get the right add while the DPS burn the left. You can root it and 9/10 times go right back to kitty DPS
  • This will help if your raid comp makes add CC difficult. We have our resident tree do it until the 3rd mark I believe then I take over, some raids won’t have this luxury.
  • Use barkskin when you have boiling blood or the Mark. Time it when it will most help the healers.
  • Be ready to innervate.
  • Be ready to Brez.

Blood Prince Council

  • Move as little as possible but not at the expense of strong DPS.
  • Chase the  Empowered Flames (Kitties love chasing balls). You can help save a fellow raiders life.
  • Use dash and kitty leap to help move around the room limiting damage.
  • Have moonfire at the ready for a last minute stray Kinetic Bomb.
  • Be careful with your threat on Keleseth, dead kitties do no DPS, Innervating, or Brezzing.
  • After leaps and dashes try to stay still as long as possible while DPSing to wipe the Shadow Prison debuff.
  • Be ready to Innervate and Brez.

Blood-Queen Lana’thel

  • Time your berserk at the pull to gain threat right before the first bite and get it early.
  • Barkskin right before Bloodbolt Whirl in the first air phase.
  • If possible be prepared to Barkskin/Tranquility on the 2nd air phase during Bloodbolt Whirl.
  • Use kitty leap to return to the boss after running out from Shroud of Sorrow or Pact of the Darkfallen.
  • Be ready to Brez and Innervate… again.

If anyone has any other tips or tricks I might have forgotten on any of these fights please leave a comment and let us know.

Heroic ICC 10, not your grandfathers Hard mode Ulduar.

So we ventured into some… ok a lot… of Heroic 10 man ICC fights this week.

Let me give a short recap and maybe some tips.

Heroic Deathwhisper and Gunship are not bad at all. We downed both, a couple tries on Deathwhisper which required working on the shield down timing a little, getting better at interrupting her casts in phase 2, knowing when to switch DPS on the add in phase 2 while the tanks handle the threat drop, and managing the mind controls through the whole fight.The big change in 10 hero is she MC’s like in 25 and adds continue to spawn in the 2nd phase but just 1 at a time… oh yeah, she is also untauntable.

Gunship we one shot and that took longer than it needed to because I forgot to equip my rocket shirt and was stuck on the wrong side the whole fight. The big change is that the mages have more health, the ship has more health, and the adds hit a lot harder.

Heroic Marrowgar is a cluster ^*%$ of Epic proportions. No pro tips yet. Fire everywhere, spikes are out when he is whirling, he hits harder… yadda, yadda.

Heroic Saurfang seemed doable with a little more practice. The beasts are a major concern as they have a lot more health, slow players they get close to, 1 shot just about anyone, and move very fast. No pro tips yet but hopefully soon.

Heroic Festergut seems doable with practice the only big change is PP tossing goo from above during the encounter that everyone needs to avoid… that and Pungent Blight hits a lot harder just about requiring 3 stacks of spore.

Heroic Rotface we didn’t try much so no news there. Big difference right off the bat is that PP drops bile gas bombs on the raid during the fight.

To sum up, all the bosses hit harder and have more health. Then on top of that there are added mechanics in each one as well… so basically Ulduar hard modes on crack.

Now that I am awake…

Let me properly thank the guys that make my raid nights and successes possible.

The amount of work that goes into being successful at this level of play and in the timely manner we are defeating content does not go unappreciated. Our 10 man group spends at least some time researching fights and communicating about possible strategy and tweaks constantly. We communicate well and we don’t point fingers or lose our cool because we trust in one another that we will improve with each wipe and learn from our mistakes.

In our 10 man group we without a doubt have 2 of the best main healers on our server in Zabery and Tildäiner. Frathlight is our 3rd healer that switches roles as needed and is amazing in his own right as there is no drop in performance when he makes the switch. Needless to say if I had to heal anything we would not get very far. Keep in mind, the success we are having is without the benefit of having a healer with Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings.

We have 2 of the best tanks on the server with Celliana and Jefferson. I never pull agro and mobs are controlled to the nth degree. They know the fights, the positions, and know a lot about all the classes and game play to make sure we are successful. I doubt there are 2 other tanks on our server that are as good at communicating during a fight and chaining cooldowns at the right times. Both are tanks are incredible at not only tanking but watching the entire raid at the same time trying to make sure the rest of us avoid silly mistakes as well… they are the den mothers of our raid.

Our ranged DPS is crazy good. Kiya, Frathlight, and Alpacaa all know how to stay out of the proverbial fire while keeping strong DPS on bosses and handling things like balls and adds when needed. Another thing to note is our caster DPS is without any ICC trinket drops and poor Frathlight is still rocking Abyssal Rune.

Lastly, our melee DPS (Justeroo, Thionia, and myself)  is constantly tweaking with gear and specs to try to get out that last ounce of DPS or utility. We use every trick in the book to not be a liability on melee unfriendly fights and we support the raid in a lot of ways completely irrelevant to doing DPS. A HUGE thanks goes out to Thionia who just a short time ago was a hunter before switching mains to the Shammy he is now. This change is what made it possible for our 10 man group to continue to have success as a previous member left the game and we had to shift things around. He has learned the class very quickly and is now doing large chucks of DPS.

Bottom line, I feel lucky to have found myself playing with gamers of this caliber that also have personalities that make playing the game so enjoyable.

Thanks a bunch guys, on to getting our Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher!

Lich King Down.

Gratz to my fellow 10 man players as tonight we finally downed the Lich King.

  • Celliana – “Can you taunt this spirit off me now”
  • Jefferson – “Argent Defender proc’d so I can keep him a little longer”
  • Justeroo – “Let me tweak my spec to handle that”
  • Jacemora – “Let me respec for a PvP/tanking talent just in case”
  • Kiya – “Damn it, one of these specs will do the trick”
  • Thionia – “Why when Arthas sneezes do I die”
  • Tildainer – “I will rez Jace as soon as I get out”
  • Frathlight – “bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, repeat”
  • Alpacaa – “You want me to bother tranc shotting that?”
  • Zabery – “Jace, can you farm some Flame Cap I want to see something”

Not bad, all in all we had about 5 hours of work on him across 3 days. A couple keys to the kill…

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice… we were able to get to phase 3 on every attempt once we got the first 2 down and it was from all the experience and practice.
  2. Tweaking to get every last ounce of DPS… still had 1:30 on the enrage though so not too bad.
  3. The Alpha update of DBM… a big help as less talking needed to go in vent about the cast timers which freed up for more important info.
  4. Reading lots of strats… a big initial help from Vallen and then some tweaking from some other strats out there to handle phase 3

I still need to do a full on kitty post on the whole of ICC, will try to get to that this week in between starting our heroic modes campaign.

Lich King not a big fan of the Kitteh



On a positive note we did clear the Frostwing Halls, move into #1 in 10 man progression on the server, strengthen our hold on #1 in 10 man achievements rank on the server, and get phase 1 of Arthas down. We had a real fun night of figuring out the best way to handle Sindragosa and now that she is down we can focus our efforts in downing the Lich King.

Today I am going to try and get my gear page updated, at least my kitty gear… I currently am dabbling with a dual spec of Kitty / Balance so an update of my bear gear will have to wait.

Boom Chicken is fun but is not as rewarding from a damage standpoint if you master your rotations… that bonus is still the kitty upside.

Visit back soon as I am going to try and get a post up summarizing kitty DPS in ICC up to Arthas.

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