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Blue post… on upcoming patch talking about feral weapons losing FAP…

Some feral weapons have had strength converted to attack power to be more appealing to other classes able to equip them.

What a screw job this is! We are already sharing rogue leather which has no strength and now we have to share our weapons and they take strength away from there… Epic Fail Blizzard.

HUGE Feral Druid news


The best change is… No more party size requirement for damage reduction. Unfortunately this won’t be in effect for when Wrath hits… hopefully it won’t take too long for the change to make the O crap solo leveling situations a little easier.

No more bear multiplier for armor from accessories. I have mixed feelings about this because of all the stuff I have that is probably no longer best in slot but it should mean less time in the expansion trying to min/max finding that 1 piece of gear because of it’s bonus armor. Funny, with the ability to talent uncritable the resillience gear and chants went the way side and now this… I guess we are now really close to having 1 set for bear and kitty… I guess we shall see.

P.S. When this change hits be ready with new gear to swap in for cloak, rings, trinkets, and possibly even weapon.

And there you have it.

Hmmm, interesting thought…

They’ll obviously have to be very careful with how they implement dual specs. I’m guessing a very limited number of times a day and probably a long ‘cast’ time or something. Otherwise you’d end up with stupid stuff like “oh our healers are dead -> NE ferals ghetto vanish (so ooc) -> respec -> swap items -> resto druid in just a matter of seconds.

Wait…. What?

Dual-Spec system

The dual-spec system will be introduced in a content patch. The goal is to let you switch specs very easily in raid, even between fights !

Yep, a recent blue post.

Now how can druids complain after this hits, we can go from being MT able to Top Melee DPS… within the same fight!

Ok, I will stop complaining about tanking in my DPS leather now.

I am sure this is going to work the same way for Warriors and Pallies… the question is does this make the game and raiding easier or the need for more skilled players even more important.

I am thinking raiding with quick thinkers that react well to sudden changes will have more success than ever.

I can see it now… damn, we are down to a tank and 4 healers… it’s a wipe… HELL NO, you 2 pallies switch to RET Spec NOW!


A couple of interesting things to note from the PTR

1. I love that I can now use items in form. IMHO for leveling skip Furor… no seriously.
2. Lifeblood. A new spell for Herbalist, which I happen to be, 1200 HoT over 5 sec with 3 min CD… and castable in form.
3. Barkskin, cast in form as well.
4. NE get in cobat Shadowmeld… basically a rogue vanish… very sweet when you are leveling and pull a mob you thought was out of agro range.

Currently using flight form to fly high, shift out, and shift back in before dying does not count as falling without dying for the achievements.

I LOVE that I have learned my pets and mounts and actually have bag space.

Imp Leader of the Pack now returns mana and health.

That is all for now.

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