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PTR is up and I am on

Look me up, I am Jacemoraptor on the US PTR server.

So far, I have QQed over the loss of armor on my T5, cut my hair to wild style, and took a look at the harbor in SW.

Things that are screwy…

When I right clicked my mount it became a spell… but it did not take the mount out of my bags… so I am scared to delete it… or would be if the patch was live.

I do not have the achievement for killing Vash even though I have and the vial is sitting in my bank.

In other news, I went on a pugged run last night to down Kael. That fight is not nearly as hard as people make it out to be. What is hard is finding 25 people that don’t constantly DC, AFK, or go full tard like my healer did standing still to get 1 shot in the first phase… MORE THAN ONCE. He also didn’t heal me half the time which led to my death as well.

We made it to phase 4 twice and almost got him to phase 5.

I thank Classic for the invite and making the effort to get people in to experience the fight. I really want to down him and get my Hand of Adal title but time is quickly running out.

More on my PTR experience to come.

Latest Druid Blue post

We want druids to be able to MT Naxx and Ulduar.

Cool, OK.

I really don’t think they’re that far off, but if I’m wrong and bears collapse on Patchwerk, we’ll change the numbers until they can stand up. We’ll try to change the numbers in intelligent ways so that bears are tanking Arthas too and not standing in the back healing the warrior tank.

Wow… Cool, OK.

Likewise, if cat dps is always near the bottom of the dps damage meters, we’ll fix that too.

Ok, this comment is a mixed bag. Near the bottom? I don’t know about everyone else but when I am on my rotation timing I am usually top 5 on Boss DPS staying pretty competitive with other pure melee DPS classes. This is with T4, S4, and Badge gear and Rare gems only and through the first 4 bosses of both BT and Hyjal. Now granted this isn’t comparing T6 geared level players where maybe the scale comes into play but still. What I find are Feral Druids that don’t itemize correctly for Kitty DPS and also don’t understand how to use proper rotations to maximize damage… I won’t even get into Haste potion macro’s and powershifting. What this might mean is a big buff to Feral DPS due to all the players that don’t know how to DPS properly as a kitty. For those Ferals that constantly find themselves at the top of the damage meters it could mean crazy DPS and then the QQ’ers and the nerf hammer.

Supposedly Ferals are getting a pure DPS build that will have us putting out Rogue level DPS at the loss of Main Tanking or maybe even OTing mini bosses. I would assume we will still be able to OT trash even with a pure DPS build.

Again, I see more QQing and nerfing.

Personally, I would love to be able to get rid of Feral Attack Power as a stat. It feels a little kludgey and it makes itemization harder because you can’t share with anyone else in the game. It’s like having a libram for your main weapon. But it’s not going to happen for Wrath, at least not initially.

Another mixed bag. Now we are going to be dual wielding kitties with swords or daggers and rolling against Rogues for even more loot that think they are more intitled because I can respec and tank or heal and they can’t.

Thanks Blizzard.


A new Feral Druid blue post

It looks like my thoughts on the subject were correct. As a feral druid you will be able to spec in order to be a viable Main Tank, viable raid DPS, or spec for both and continue to be the best OT in the game. In between all that we can spec for PvP and start to own face there. This does mean however we are back to collecting a ton of different gear for our different possible roles, that has been left unchanged. At least with the new pets storage we will have more space for all our gear.

Q u o t e:

The design is for bears to be viable, end-game main tanks. The design is for cats to be viable, end-game melee dps. In both cases you are going to need the right talents, good gear, skill and companions who can back you up — I don’t mean to imply raiding will be easy.

If you want to do a little tanking and dps, you probably won’t be as optimal at either, though you’ll probably always be better at switching between the two than other classes. In order to be as good at tanking as the other classes, you might have to give up a few talents that maximize your dps, and vice versa. This is a good thing — it lets you choose to actually be a main tank.

Must read Feral Druid Blue Post

DruidOmen of Clarity buff and Feral DPS (src)
In the next data push, you will find Omen of Clarity has been changed a bit. The 10 second cooldown has been removed, the procs per minute has been raised from 2 to 3.5, and melee abilities no longer trigger it. Spell interaction with Omen of Clarity remains relatively unchanged, with its hidden chance to trigger off spells reduced by half (and rolling the dice about 2x as often). What this means is that more auto-attacks landing on the target will increase the benefit from Omen of Clarity. Haste, increased hit chance, and expertise will all make Omen of Clarity better.

We are aware of the concerns with reaching the hit rating cap, and will make sure Druids can pick up Rogue items to wear without exceeding that cap. This means Rogues will likely socket for hit, while Druids socket for Strength or Agility.

Before LK goes live, we will do extensive testing on how much damage classes do, and will increase or decrease their power as appropriate to meet our targets. Cat raid DPS suffered relative to other melee in BC for lack of an Combat Potency equivalent talent (OOC should now be roughly equal), for lack of a scaling finishing move (Savage Roar answers that), for lack of benefitting from Windfury Totem, and for lack of weapon procs (+35 agility != Mongoose). All of those lacks have been addressed. In addition, a change has been made to make the agility rebalance less severe (as I posted in another thread).

In PvP, we are adding many tools to the Feral Druid arsenal, including the redesigned Maim, Infected Wounds, King of the Jungle, and Berserk. We have also made some improvements to the “range bug”. Attacks that require you to be behind a target will no longer be able to be parried, nor able to be dodged by a player. Our movement engine will now smoothly interpolate positions of moving units, preventing the “Out of range/You must be behind your target/Out of range/You must be behind your target/Out of range/You must be behind your target…” sequence from occuring any more. In addition, being able to apply a snare makes the Feral Druid able to slow down their target and lessen the severity of the “range bug”. Yes, there are still issues with the model, especially when switching into and out of cat form, but many of the issues are being dealt with.

DruidCompensation for the agility nerf (src)
To help deal with this issue, in the next data push, Druids should find their melee critical strike chance is about 5% higher. The conversion of agility to critical strike chance remains the same 40:1 at level 70, but the base amount for 0 agility has been increased by 5%.

Ok, let me give you my thoughts on what we are looking at in WotLK… basically we will now be speccing one of three different ways being feral.

1. Tank Spec
2. DPS spec
3. PvP Spec

As you all know with the exception of a couple points in entangling or natural shapeshifter we really don’t currently have a feral PvP spec. That is going to most likely change along with various other adjustments that will make us more viable in Arena. No longer is the feral tree expected to cover 1 spec for Arena, Tanking, and DPS. We will have to choose talents to concentrate in one of the three or pick a mixture depending on what some talents have what effect in PVE… throw in Inscriptions that will allow us to swipe 4 targets instead of 3 and you can start to see that you will most likely need to choose based on if you want to be uber tankage, uber DPSage, or uber PVPer. I am guessing another option will be for the status quo of uber OT balancing tanking talents with DPS talents and maybe some CC talents for raid utility. Looks like druids are going to maintain their flexibility in the expansion and will be very fun to play with.

Patch 2.4.3

What this patch means to me…

1. Future runs of Heroic MrT for my Shard of Contempt just got easier. Parts of the instance were nurfed most noticeably the 2nd boss.

2. My lock now has the ability to make a 28 slot herbalism bag… this might come in handy when the expansion hits when leveling Jace and his herbalism…. druid gathering FTW!

I will not drop 1200G on a 22 slot bag. That is insane and there is no way adding 2-4 slots on my person can make back the gold spent for the space. The fact that people would even buy the other crap she has I find a little nuts. Maybe if you could see accessories on your person I could see it for some of the more vain players but outside of that happening I just don’t get it.

My level 30 Horde hunter that my daughter created got her mount.

Nether Ray Fry… I see no point, I just don’t have the bag space and I really am not big on collecting pets.

My lock now just casts Curse of Elements and everyone gets bonus damage… YAY… more DPS on Hyjal bosses since another lock can now use a different curse.

One of my FAVORITES…
Zoning into an instance on a PvE realm will now drop your PvP flag.

Awesome, horde if you are flagged and I am sitting around around waiting for a raid to start you are getting ganked…. nice to have something more to do pre raid while waiting than dancing as a little flaming tart.

Don Carlos’ Famous Hat… yeah, I got it. The hat really looks awesome on male NE’s and having a full size hunters pet follow me around is kinda cool… I don’t know when I will use it much but looks neat nonetheless… Druid, don’t think you can solo this guy… he scatter shots and nets you constantly and has a good amount of health.

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