Runy returns to WOW.

Just a heads up to all you Druids to check out Runyarusco and her blog. You can find the link in my Blogroll of to the right. I really liked her most recent post about the new Dungeon Journal. Although the Journal will be trumped by most progression raiding guilds in favor of watching videos and reading other online resources I really like the fact that some of the more diehard RP players can get their information from within the game that will lead to success.

I don’t know about everyone else but I still see constant chat traffic in game asking questions that are easily answered by going to Wowhead or any other of the informational sites available. These people are either lazy, are HEAVY into the social aspect of the game, RP people HEAVY into the Fantasy aspect, or unaware of the Wow community on the WWW. I remember when i started playing Wow all the needless running around I did looking for NPC’s, items, mobs, dungeons, etc. My God, I remember when part of the length of leveling was just trying to figure out cryptic quest directions to people, resources, monsters, or places. Then a RL buddy turned me on to Thottbot… thank goodness.

The new Journal extends the solutions Blizzard has offered in aiding people in game with knowing what they need to know. I can see my progression 10 man raid team using it quite a bit since we like to do a lot of fights “Our Style” which is sometimes very different than the standard way people do fights, usually tweaked because of our lack of range DPS. It will also be a good and fast resource when trying to determine why people died. How many times in a raid do you hear “What killed you?” and then “What is that?” LOL. Less tabbing out of the game to look something up is always a good thing (for those of you with single monitor setups). I think pugs will also benefit as it is a place people can learn a little about what they are getting into as a party forms.

Hey Blizz, go a step further now and create a resources journal of where to find ore, herbs, fish, leather, etc… mats… a mats dictionary… and give me a 3rd spec already.

Tuesday Leveling Update

Well, since I can’t level I guess I will toss out an update…

I just hit 76 last night and then promptly ran Violet Hold a couple more times and found myself quickly 4 bubbles into 76 before I decided to get to bed.

Thus far the only upgrades I have stumbled upon have been from Violet Hold.

Jailer’s Baton
Screeching Cape

I don’t plan on going to the cape until the bonus armor from my Slikk’s Cloak of Placation is no longer being multiplied.

By now I guess many people have ventured out into Northrend and are either real happy or really sad about the difficulty of the new content or lack thereof.

So far leveling has been very easy with the exception of a couple quest areas with few mobs and slow respawn times and 1 or 2 group elites that just can’t be soloed. For the most part however respawns are fast for the crowds and group quests are soloable in T5 gear or better… at least for this feral druid.

So far I have tanked these instances and they have all been ridiculously easy… I am sure running them with all T5 or better geared toons didn’t hurt.

The Nexus
The Violet Hold

The Violet Hold is a great way to instance grind XP if you are into that sort of thing. It runs much like Black Morass in TBC with portals and bossfights on a timer. You should be able to complete the instance in under 30 minutes easy.

So far I have not worked on leveling any professions or bought anything new and shiny from the new land especially since I prefer riding around on my Wintersaber you see above.

I started Northrend in Borean Tundra, moved on to Howling Fjord, and I am just finishing up Dragonblight getting the achievements in each zone for questing in the process.

I believe my next stop is Grizzly Hills.

One thing to note. The book for Heavy Frostweave drops all the time in instances but at 375 first aid you won’t get to roll on it. Use some Frostweave and get your First Aid to 390 to make sure when the book falls you can pick it up.

I am currently using a mixed build of bear and cat talents for leveling and running instances. So far so good, I took OoC in the resto tree so I took berserk at 71 and then put points from 71-76 into rend and tear for the increase damage to maul and FB crit. Anyone interested can take a look at my talents and let me know if they have a better suggestion for a leveling feral druid.

Oh, and lastly. I learned savage roar at 75 but I don’t use it for leveling… mobs die with just a couple mangles, a bleed, and a FB.

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