Obligatory funny 5 man story.

My funny story is from just last night.

I go into Heroic HoS for the daily random as Boomkin (don’t laugh).

From the very first pull it was evident (warrior tank nub) that I couldn’t use AoE without getting agro… even with a delay. I then noticed when switching my DPS strategy to a single target (assisting off the warrior) that I still got agro, albeit only 1 mob instead of 2-3. Then I noticed the healer was getting agro quite a bit as well.

So here I am certain that everyone recognizes this as a fail group but no one has said anything.

So I decide I might as well AoE, agro and keep mobs off the healer and kill what I can while barkskinning and then melding if I need to… this is on just about every pull mind you… so I am having fun and we a moving along and the healer is doing a fine job keeping his feathery tank alive.

Still, no one is saying anything… everyone is keeping their composure as we quickly mow through dwarfs and bosses.

Then we get to the adds room (Tribunal) and it’s a complete clusterf*%$. Brahn dies from all the adds that get through the warrior like Dalaran Swiss. So I whisper the Ret pally…

Me – “Hey, can you do what you can to grab the adds with concecrate?”
Him – “lol”
Him – “he is pretty bad huh”
Me – “Yes, he is terribad”
Him – “lol”
Him – “Oh, we didn’t finish it”
Me – “no, Brahn died”
Him – “lol”
Him – “yeah, I was thinking I could go prot to help out”
Terribad tank – “can someone tell me what I could do differently that would help”
Me still whispering the Pally – “f%$@ it, I am going bear”

So I respec to kitty (I no longer have a bear spec) and change into my kitty gear and we start it back up.

I tank the whole place, burn cooldowns when I get close to dying, and the healer at some point figures out the warrior is standing in the entryway doing nothing as the Pally and I kill everything and starts making sure I don’t die.

We win, the healer thanks us for helping out and the warrior makes some snide comment about helping ourselves that made no sense…. so on to the final boss.

I switch back to Boomkin, the Pally switches back to Ret and we engage the last boss… well no surprise not only can the warrior not hold agro on the boss but he lets all the little adds run around freely as well… so we wipe.

So this time I tell the Pally, go Prot and tank the boss… please build as much agro as you can. We tell the warrior to pick up the little adds that the Pally is going to tank the boss… I switch to kitty thinking as long as the Pally can hold agro on the boss I will kill it myself pretty quickly.

So we engage, and the pally can’t hold agro over me either (in their defense I am guessing I out geared them in both boomkin and kitty) so I do as much as I can in kitty form while using barkskin, I meld, switch back to cat and kill about 5-6 adds real fast that the nub warrior isn’t tanking, then get back on boss… I pull agro again but I find a way to switch on and off the boss until the end where I just let the healer heal me through the last 10% or so I need to get him down.

He dies, I get many thanks from the healer and others… except the warrior, I think that felt pretty inconsequential to the whole operation I assume.

Managed to get through HoS in probably 45 minutes in a fail group that stuck together… I am guessing I could have 2 manned the place with the healer in all honesty.

Alot of people will look at a run like this as a waste of time, I find runs like this a ton of fun with a value much more than the 2 frost badges.

Obligatory Tue Post

So instead of working on leveling my enchanting… 423 and should have already hit 425 this morning and spent the day barking on trade channel for free chants your mats and I name my 3rd child after your toon if I get a point… and no, I am not actually having a 3rd child, 2 is more than enough.

My lock continues to struggle leveling tailoring… this could be a condition of being level 71 and sitting in an inn instead of killing cloth dropping humanoids.

Inscription on my level 65 Death Knight is going well although my first attempt of a card of Nobles didn’t go very well and that dang 7 of death isn’t selling on the AH even though I undercut the other 4.

My herbalism is 450, not hard to accomplish when you are picking herbs for an 450 Alchemist and a Inscriptionist.

I do need to pick a 2nd profession for my DK… either Blacksmithing or Engineering or maybe even Mining I I want that kind of torture starting from level 0.

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