So some of my neighbors kids ring my doorbell the other day, and the Warden answers the door.

Who was it honey? I asked.

Neighbors kids, she said.

What did they want?

They are selling mulch bark, $.25 a piece.

Hmmm, Entrepreneurs. Let me answer it next time.

Exactly 1 day later… Doorbell.

WWBRKD I thought…

Hi kids, whatcha need?

We are selling pine chips, 25 cents a piece.

Hmmm, I really don’t need any pine bark… However, If you found one that looked like Abraham Lincon, Mary (Mother of Jesus), or Obama I might be intested in buying it for 50 Cents!

The look of confusion and then excitement was priceless… updates as they happen…

Have a fun and safe weekend everybody and remember to ask yourself… WWBRKD.

Injured bear…

Just a short FYI at my sudden lack of posting.

Saturday night I was building a PC and took off a small chuck of the top of my pinky. Left hand which is good since I am right handed but it still impacts my ability to type since the walk in clinic decided to put a splint on it. I have no idea why they decided to splint it but they did.

Hopefully the splint comes off tonight. Last night tanking Iron Council was just horrible. With it on it gets in the way and really limits my ability to hold agro while moving. My injured little guy is responsible for the 7 and 6 keybinds which happen to be my swipe and lacerate.

Anywho, I will post an update tonight after another visit to the quack shack.


First post on the new site!

If I could ask, Please leave a comment letting me know you found my new home. If you are a fellow blogger please also give your site so I can add it to my blogroll.


1:15AM Wday

Decided to go to the Midnight release at GameStop… Got there at 12:10am and left around 12:45am. The manager said it would have gone faster had the credit machines not been down.

After a quick stop at Walmart for milk I am finally home installing Wrath.

I updated my account.

I did not win anything from my scratch off card.

This is going so slow I might head to bed and worry about the patches and playing in the morning.


Do you know this guy?

Yes, it’s the brother from ICarly, for you WOW parents out there. What I didn’t know is that Jerry Trainor is also a part of Project Lore a site that offers multimedia game guides. Really cool site and vids on WotLK including pulls in the first instance and beyond for you tanks that want a head start learning the runs.

Needless to say when I show my daughter the video tonight she will probably think it is pretty cool that Spencer from her nightly show plays WOW… she is really working hard on her reading at age 7 so she can start playing without having to sit on my lap.

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