OMG… It has finally happened

The dreaded day has come.

I knew this would happen eventually.

I know someday it might happen to you too.

In my haste to get out the door this morning I forgot something very important. Something critical for my online daily survival. Something without, my day at work will be… well, work.

Yes folks, I forgot my Blizzard Authenticator Key sitting on my desk in my den at home.

The dreaded day is upon me and it is going to be a long one. So, what will my online life be today without WOW… let me run it down for you.

It starts with this little post, then a look at the Drenden forums at the WOW website with a quick visit to read all the QQers in the Druid forums.

At some point I will read over all the new blogs from the likes of BRK and BBB.

Take a visit and read over some new theory crafting on WotLK attack rotations on the Emmerald forums. Toskk has been working on some new models using our new talents and the changes that are happening in the expansion… fun stuff.

Then I will take a visit to Gatorsports.com and check post for content and what not… I am a site admin there and while in the football and basketball off season there is very little interesting to discuss I still need to make sure posts are following the guidelines of the site.

I will check out my Dashboard at Entercard and do some advertising for my blog site.

Hop on Facebook and see if any new friends have turned up or left me any interesting messages. Then check out my Brothers site at MySpace for any new music his Rap group Nothin Less has turned out (NSFW)… I recommend listening to the song “I’m Sorry”, most of the others are good too if you are into Rap.

Next I might visit the WotLK site for Wowhead to see if any new gear has turned up that looks interesting. One thing I notice right away when looking at new gear coming out is all the new gems and the mix of stats they provide. I think gear gemming endgame at level 80 is going to be a bigger deal than it was in BC as a way to fix stats on more shared gear across classes…. that is just my guess though. With the nerf to agility as it relates to kitty DPS this ring looks like a decent DPS upgrade.

I will stop and visit my guild forums however it has been quiet lately since we are on a break from raiding, perhaps until WotLK… and a stop by the website for No Vacancy, a guild I have a couple of friends at that I might be raiding with in the near future to see if I fit in. Unfortunately it looks like AC is done raiding until WotLK and I still want to see more of BT and maybe some of Sunwell. Right now I have been raiding on my 70 lock and leveling my Horde hunter. Playing a hunter is probably the most opposite from playing a druid. As a hunter I can basically level while eating a 3 course meal just by sending in my pet, hunter marking the target, hitting it with a poison shot, auto shot, loot, skin, and repeat…. easy stuff hunters.

Lastly, I am going to work on putting Linux on an old laptop of mine. If WOW ran well on Linux I probably would not have a windows machine any longer. Sure I know there are ways to make this work but not only will it not perform as well but I would hate to have Blizzard see it as a hack and shut my account.

If I missed anything else it is answering IT calls, the innevitable “I can’t access this folder”, “is e-mail down”, and the “I think my account is locked” calls… big fun.

Bad Economy

Ok, Explain to me this… if the economy is so bad why…

Can’t about 50% of the people that want Wii’s find them to buy?
Wii Fit? Yeah right.
New Apple Iphone… no.

and the reason I am on this rant, my new Sunpass mini sticker… everyone is out.

Just look at the Blizzard Authenticator, gone. Heck, they could have sold these for $19.99 and charged shipping and they would have sold them out.

I once read a BRK blog about a good way to tell if the economy is doing bad is by the quality of service in lets say a fast food joint… well guess what, that lady that took my order at McDonalds today…. no way she had a degree and was slumming.

Sure, home values are down and gas prices are up but really it just means those of us that were able to get out of debt, get nice homes, maybe even a 3rd car for fun and still live high on the hog before the turn just have to go back to being middle class and watching our budgets again… it’s really not that bad. My guess is someone, somewhere didn’t like all the Americans coming out of debt and somehow the economy is getting manipulated to put us back into it.

3 Accounts hacked in 6 days

Yep our guild has had 3 accounts hacked (2 households) in 6 days. So, just to be on the safe side I ordered mine this morning…

Feel free to get yours HERE.

So I have not posted anything in a while…


Well, we have not raided much with some people unavailable and what not so not much new to report.

There have been some changes in the Alpha for WotLK as far as our talents go but since this is going to change so much before the release I don’t think I am going to keep putting up the info here. There is a thread on Emmeralds forums that I started that has some conversation on the changes and what not.

You might have noticed the new format of my site, just playing around with it.

Lately I have been playing WOW a little less than usual, I started reading the Harry Potter books and now found myself drawn in to trying to finish the series. I am almost to the end of the Half-Blood Prince and then only the last book left after that.

When I am on WOW as of late I have been working on leveling my Horde hunter… well, my daughters Horde hunter since she created the character. It is a nice change of pace with different zones and quests and what not. Being a hunter is pretty fun.

Well, hopefully I will have some posts soon about some Hyjal Kills or maybe some BT kills. Our guild is looking for some more raiders to add to our ranks. We need an affliction lock, a rogue or 2, and I think some mages… bottom line we need enough people to not miss raids in case someone is sick, busy with school for a week or 2, has a pissed off wife, etc…

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