Outland Solo action

Today I went into Dire Maul to finish off all the classic dungeons for my Achievements.

Last 2 bosses down in the North and West wings.

Then I noticed I was missing 3 Outland dungeons for the BC version of the Achievement.

The Black Stalker – Underbog
Quagmirran – Slave Pens
Keli’dan the Breaker – Blood Furnace

All down solo style.

Keli’dan was the easiest but took the longest because you have to beat all the previous bosses.
Stalker was the fastest but the hardest and had me the closest to death.
Quagmirran wasn’t too bad at all.

Holy Cow… I almost forgot!

Last night I tanked and healed the Headless Horseman fight… at the same time!


T5 shoulders and pants for the 2T5 bonus of instant HoT FTW. Healed myself between phases.

The rest of the leather was S3 and S4 with tanking accessories and SSC weapon.

Honestly, the DPS was so leet I probably would have been fine without heals… but what fun would that have been?

6 attempts (I had the quest from Goldshire) with not one death (DPS, stay away from his whirl when the head detaches please.)

Fun in Molten Core

Grats to my buddy Petsareus on his new (Molten)Core Hound.

I have never had so much fun dying and healing… FYI, don’t try this little stunt unless you have 60+ gold for repairs and spec Resto for the threat reduction.

I guess I should mention this was on the PTR. We are going to Fraps it when we do it on the live server in 2 weeks.

The “Can you run me through XYZ” question

Please do us Feral druids a favor and don’t asks us to run you through an instance…. not even Deadmines… seriously….

Newsflash, as a feral druid my only AoE sucks, has a CD, and swipe only hits 3 mobs at a time. Please find a pally to go agro the whole place and kill everything in like 5 minutes… thanks.

Feral druids running someone through something is tedious and boring.

Now, if you are a high enough level druid or rogue that just wants to stealth to a couple bosses for loot you would actually use this might be ok but I have no idea where this would be something you need to do.

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