Who said we can’t DPS and TANK with the same SPEC

That is me 3rd on the big bad spider. This was without any flask and haste food because I didn’t want to waste better stuff on such an easy boss.

Mind you this is with a Spec taking what is needed to MT 25 mans. I am using the Rip Glyph only since my other slots are used for tanking glyphs.

So yes, at this point feral druids can have 1 Spec to Tank and do decent DPS just like in BC. So we can go from 45K+ HP Hurtful soaks on Patchwerk, MT anything in game, and still switch to DPS and be somewhere in the top 10 for damage output. All the while being able to Brez and Innervate when needed or OoCRez when all the other healers die during a partial wipe.

I would say the state of feral druids is in pretty good shape. I will get back to you when I start 2v2ing arena again which is coming up soon. I don’t know how that is going to go with how OP other classes are in there along with having too many damn buttons to press now for burst damage and cc.

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